Spirituality is an inner voyage that helps you find the ways to unchain yourself from all the fears people fed you in childhood


The society we live in, is intrinsically toxic, sparing nobody specially the ones who are entangled within themselves. Starting from familial toxicity that has polluted many generations, it is axiomatic that nobody has managed to dodge this so far until people mastered the art of dealing with it without getting barely impacted. But this is a long journey which demands strenuous efforts, adamancy, and consistency to fight the intoxicating effect of fears fed by the relatives, teachers and unfortunate friendships.

In accordance with child psychology, childhood is like a ploughed field waiting for the seeds to grow. Which is why it is considered to be a very fragile age which can mould a life or destroy it with persistent fears and insecurities. The insecurities which generations carried forward for decades, are repeatedly instilled into new generation, hammering the new minds to fix them into the same toxic mould. Sadly, it is still lingering unabated despite modernity and psychological knowledge about parenting and teaching without any iota of harshness and toxic reprimand that leaves conspicuous scars in everyone.

Tackling fears with temporary positivity–

Undoubtedly, all of us are sort of chained to some fears inculcated by people around us, specially in childhood and adolescence. Be it low self esteem damaged by any insulting incident, or insecurities that bind us with an old sense of humiliation which people hardly conquer. Under an armor of hollow positivity, making people neglect the problems and embrace modern ways of repairing these old devastated parts of their minds that are still wrapped with fears and insecurities, people somewhat come out of these unhealthy feelings, incessantly trying to restrain them from moving forward in life, however sometimes this modern tactic to ignore the root causes doesn’t work, as these fears keep on nudging them oftentimes whenever positivity diminishes. It is because fleeting positivity seems effortless and its efficacy is instant, therefore we opt for it, rather than digging the roots of the fears and eradicate them.

It is highly important to understand why this generation is crawling into hospitals for their unruly minds which they are afraid to talk about to anyone on account of poor judgement and scorning. Some are badly laden with insecurities caused by inconsiderate family, friends and even teachers, while some are fighting a battle within their minds in which their self confidence always loses. Living in an era of technology, even positivity is being sold like toffees, quickly luring us to grab them in order to silence all the clanking of our fears. Initially everything seems very effective, but it hardly works until one befriends oneself, accepting every flaw and events that shaped one in a particular way, and attempting to fathom the fears and conquer them like a warrior. And this is only possible when one knows oneself through spirituality and connects himself to his core that has earlier been polluted by people.

Embracing who you are–

I opine that whatever makes you feel inferior about yourself, is a dangerous dish stuffed with unrealistic despondency, even this is your own thoughts.Being censorious about yourself can continuously bother you, injuring your confidence. Despite the fact that everyone has flaws, perfection doesn’t exist in human beings, nevertheless we are seldom affected by the sense of perfection in a particular situation, making us compare, and self-criticize ourselves. Moreover, sometimes it is too difficult to even think about the causes behind these intense feelings of inferiority. The cause lies in the fears we are unable to fight with.

An artist can not create anything mesmerizing if he fears something, his brush will wobble in hand if he doubts, likewise all of us are the artist of our lives, and if we allow our fears to crawl on our fingers, our art of life will always remain an eyesore. Accepting ourselves as we are, with all the imperfections, flaws and fears, is a first step, the hardest one to take, toward a beautiful, meaningful and progressive life we uncompromisingly deserve. Everything belonging to us should be accepted, embraced and appreciated without focusing on the defaults which we are supposed to fix afterwards. This is how an inner voyage to oneself commences.

Befriending spirituality and dharmic techniques –

In the realm of spirituality, all distressing things lose their power over us, and a real sense of freedom from toxicity, fears, insecurities and worries, oozes out. We are all weary travelers without destinations, shouldering our unwanted fears, and insecurities, hiding them purposely to exhibit our phoney strength to each other. However, when we befriend spirituality, it accompanies uslike a fellow traveler, navigating us to our destination hitherto undiscovered. Spirituality is like a serene path traversing all the hazardous events that haunt us, we see everything closely without sensing anything. Gradually we ponder the things we ignored, and realize fears are like the lumps of traumatic imagination. Spirituality makes us explore ourselves entirely, and it shows us a path toward liberty from everything and helps us establish a healthy rapport with our own, which is undoubtedly the most important relation in this world, as this relationship enormously affects all the other relationships, so it must be prioritized, nurtured, and strengthened time to time.

When we surrender ourselves to the power we experience within ourselves and seek shelter through spirituality, we are bestowed with what we need, albeit the journey requires exertion and perseverance. The result comes out better when we embrace dharmic techniques our ancestors have privileged us, but due to the evolving western effect, we underestimated all of it until even the west accepted the outstanding impact of our Indian society that protected spirituality and Yoga, now being cordially adopted by the world, for this duo is bringing peace within people, exuding a hope of peace in the world. When the mind is calm and controlled, everything works duly. Besides, Spirituality is prodding youngsters to their dharmic roots, which we can clearly notice in sudden surge in religious inclination. Youngsters are finding their solutions in injunctions written thousands of years ago, getting strength to face everything, overcoming their fears with the help of religious chanting, and powerful mantras to build up their self esteem.

What I believe is really fascinating, is now this generation is vehemently exhorted, lauded and inspired unlike old generations brimming over with toxicity and unhealthy insecurities towards a better future. Now the childhoods are cherished, families are so careful about what they pour into young minds and probably this is why students are far much confident at young age, compared to 90s generation. Thus, open your arms, laugh at your fears, accept yourself with flaws, and conquer everything trying to obstruct you. You deserve to achieve everything you dream and work for, no fear can stop you. Just nourish your inner being and mind. You will shine.

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