More to California Than Just Beaches

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California is a beautiful state, one of the most popular ones to visit in the US. When people think of California, they often think of the sun and beaches – however, there’s a lot more to California than that. It’s a state with a rich history and many different landscapes. Millions travel each year to explore the state.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a place anyone visiting California must visit. With spas and beautiful accommodations for visitors to enjoy. Palm Springs is also home to a casino hotel for visitors to enjoy if you’re looking for something a little different.

Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs is a luxurious resort with a 24-hour casino for visitors to try their luck at. If you want to gamble without making a trip to a casino, you can play online sweepstakes casinos in California.

Death Valley

One of the biggest national parks in the US, this park is located near the Nevada border. The salt flats dip below sea level, there are sandstone canyons and incredible sand dunes. There is a mystical side to this magnificent piece of land, there’s a fascinating case of mysterious moving rocks that leave trails behind them across the dried mudflats. This desert valley is a real wonder.

Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes is a beautiful place to visit in all seasons. There is snow cover in the winter and an idyllic lake town in the summertime. The land is high up above sea level and is the perfect place to take a trip with a loved one or family. For snowboarders and skiers, this is the perfect destination in California. There are also tons of hiking and biking trails and fishing spots for enthusiasts.

Gold Country

Take a step into California’s rich history, back to the time of the gold rush. There are many mementos left in the beautiful area near the Sierra Nevada foothills. You can visit the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, where the first sighting of gold changed the course of American History. The Columbia State Historical Park is a must-visit.

It was once home to one of the largest towns at the time and is now home to a replica, helping you get a taste of what life may have been like. Bodie is also worth the visit, it is one of California’s largest ghost towns – if you’re a fan of the paranormal, there have been plenty of rumors of the place being haunted.


One of the most famous National Parks in the world, it is the grandfather of California’s national parks. Yosemite covers almost 1,200 square miles of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There are stunning waterfalls, beautiful cliff faces, groves, and views that will be etched into your memory forever.

There are loads of activities for visitors – there are rock climbing routes, rafting rivers, and tons of winter activities; the park really has something for all families and tourists. There is also an incredible amount of wildlife for nature enthusiasts.

Joshua Tree

The crossroad of two desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, this stunning park is a popular destination amongst tourists. There are many different campgrounds for you to pick from if you want to spend the night and listen to the coyotes.

There are also nature walks, rock climbing, and beautiful spots if you’re interested in stargazing. The towns bordering Joshua Tree National Park are also great places to go if you’d like to go shopping or eat at a good restaurant.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to visit, it attracts 15 million tourists each year. Lake Tahoe is a bustling little town with San Francisco-style boutiques, lovely restaurants and cozy places to stay. Lake Tahoe is mostly known for its breathtaking beauty, with crystal clear water, an underwater trail, and its incredible nature.

Visit California

Wherever you go in California, you won’t be disappointed. You could live in the state for your whole life, and you’d still struggle to see everything. There are iconic cities, beautiful little towns, and stunning nature and wildlife. Whatever your needs are, California has it all – it’s a perfect holiday destination for many other reasons than the beaches.

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