Leading and Striving through Hardships and Adversity to Support Seniors–Toya Cornelious


Seniorscomprise more than 16 percent of the entire American population, and thegrowth of the aging population brings numerous challenges for healthcare professionals and organizations. Adults aged 65 and over are the most prominent users of integrated healthcare services due to their diverse needs and health conditions. Insurance and social welfare programs include several policies and measures geared toward addressing the needs of the elderly. However, the healthcare industry needs to recognize the variedneeds and requirements of the elderly and devise policies addressing issues stemming from rapidly changing industry dynamics. Geriatric health professionals play a vital role in offering help and support to the elderly through dedicated programs and facilities.

Senior Care Communities and the Elderly – Interdependent and Mutually Beneficial

Senior Care Communities and the elderly are interdependent and can be mutually beneficial because they involve unique characteristics missing from other healthcare options. Older individuals have specialhealthcare needs requiring focusedand expert assistance and support from professionals and facilities. Aging individuals may require high-dependency environments due to lack of mobility or cognitive decline requiring constant supervision and guidance.

Preventing, managing, and resolving health and social concernsentails an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach toencouragecollaboration and coordination.The quality and amount of care required for seniorsis and important consideration and can be navigated and managed by professionals.

Post Acute Nurses – Unsung Heroes of Elderly Care and Services

Post Acutenursingis one of the most demanding segments of the nursing profession because it involves tireless responsibilities, swift decision-making, and meticulous attention to detail when managing the needs of our seniors.  Nurses become increasingly involvedin their duties due to the specialized care required for senior patients. While caring for our seniors is rewarding, professionals in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities also experience high stress levels and increasing demands.It is thier dedication and commitment to seniors, that keeps themcoming back to work each day with a smile and the desire to meet the physical, mental, and psychosocial needs of their seniors.

Toya Casper-Cornelious –Post-Acute and Senior Care Nursing Leader

Nurse leaders working in stressful and demanding healthcare environments like post-acute, palliative, and seniorcare must beattentive in their duties, maintain a positiveattitude, and have a passion for caring for seniors. Casper-Corneliousis aexecutive leader in the senior and post-acute care segment with over 25 years of experience in the industry.After working her way through several leadership roles, Cornelious rose to the position of Chief Clinical Officer of an integrated healthcare network, CareOne.

Toya Casper-Corneliousstarted her career as a nursing assistant, gradually working through the industry and overcoming the challenges of working in post-acute and geriatric care. She found her calling in senior care after working at a skilled nursing facility early in her career. Cornelious worked in multiple roles in the post-acute industry throughout her career. She worked in ManorCare for eleven years androse to executive leadership positionsbefore joining an integrated healthcare network, CareOne. Corneliousworked in CareOne in multiple leadership roles before assuming the role of Chief Clinical Officer of the organization’sintegrated healthcare network.

Toya Cornelious strives to help and support aging and vulnerable populations by utilizing her experience as a nursing leader. Her leadership experience in the post-acute and assisted-living healthcare sector enables her to lead and manage interdisciplinary teams for providing care to the elderly in healthy and safe environments. She co-founded the Care Concierge specifically to address senior placement, case management, and care navigation issues. An advocate for quality care, Cornelious works with seniors and their families thoughout their healthcare journey.  The organization helps people make decisions about home health services, nursing homes, home rehabilitation services and assisted living through guidance and consultancy.

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