Family Vacation: 8 Tips to Make Sure Everyone Enjoys


Undoubtedly, the best way to strengthen family bonds and improve relationships is to travel and see the world together. The exposure you get as a unit makes for unforgettable memories.

But with different generations involved, keeping everyone happy can become quite an ordeal. However, with proper planning, you can avoid disagreements or disappointments and cater to everyone’s needs and wants.

It may seem scary, but pulling off a trip everyone enjoys is easier than you’d expect. Keep reading to learn eight secrets that can completely transform your idea of a family vacation.

Round One: Brainstorming

The first step is brainstorming ideas before departure.

Search for Upcoming Events

Once you have set a mutual goal, start searching for the scheduled events at your decided location.

Many destinations offer events for tourists visiting from all over the world. These events let visitors get a taste of the native culture and have a good time in general. The city of Pigeon forge in Tennessee is one such location that welcomes tourists with open arms and provides opportunities for all family members to enjoy, regardless of their ages. The Country Tonite Theatre, with its state-of-the-art sound system, exquisite lighting arrangement, and huge screens for video screening, offers some of the best Pigeon Forge shows for everyone’s entertainment. They run their special Christmas Show throughout November and December, bound to make your vacation more fun-filled.

Want to hear of a bonus?

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Agree on a Common Goal

You might want to take your annual trip together or need a weekend getaway to take a break from your hectic work schedule. You might want to explore a new location or revisit a favorite spot. Before you proceed on a trip with your family, you must ensure that you are all on the same page. Once you all agree on what you plan to achieve with this trip together, only then can you have a good time and fewer arguments.

Set a Budget

Before you set out for your dream family vacation, the first and foremost step is to set an appropriate budget. Categorize your expected spending, like fuel and travel costs, hotel dues, eating out, entertainment, shopping, and souvenirs for family and friends. Set some extra money aside for unexpected expenses like unplanned excursions or emergencies. The Business Insider lists plenty of smart strategies to finance your family vacation in the best way possible so that you not only spend wisely but also save.

After deciding your budget, communicate it to the entire family. This will enable them to comprehend how much they can spend individually and collectively.

Pack Everything You Might Need

Make a list of everything you might need, including maps, passports, documents, cameras, warm clothes, joggers, clean towels, umbrellas, water bottles, snacks for the road, chargers, toiletries, and a first aid kit.Use an Excel Spreadsheet and make it accessible to everyone. So they can all add to it as they remember things to take along. Use effective packing techniques to make the most of the space you have. But before doing so, check with your airline (if you are traveling by air) for maximum baggage weight allowance.

Round Two: Making the Most of the Vacation

Once you depart on your trip, follow these tips to make your vacation memorable.

Discover the Road Less Travelled

Tamara Gruber, the founder of the famous family-travel-centered website We3Travel, guides her audience to seek out experiences that are particularly unique to the location they are visiting. Steer clear of the mundane activities, and go for the ones you won’t find anywhere else.Depending on your personal preferences, these activities may be recreational or educational.Take a hike with your kids and enjoy the view from the highest point.Head to an art and crafts gallery and explore local restaurants that serve native dishes.This way, you will be able to experience the locality’s one-of-a-kind culture.

Entertainment for the Road

Keep your family occupied with car games and stories while you travel. Make a playlist beforehand for the ride. Always keep snacks handy, so no one gets hungry. Make pit stops at gas stations along the way to refill snacks and juices. Share previous successful and failed travel stories for a laugh. Make sure everyone participates, so no one feels left out.

Make Room for Some Meaningful Time with Your Spouse

One of the main benefits of taking a family vacation is to revive the spark in your relationship with your spouse. This can add a therapeutic benefit to the purpose of your trip. Indulge in some VIP guest services and meaningful activities together. Take a walk early in the morning before your kids wake up, or head out for coffee after putting your kids to bed.Pick at least one day to rent out a movie for your kids and order in-room service. Avail this opportunity to go to a nearby restaurant for date night to spend quality time together and catch up on everything you missed out on due to your busy schedules. And your kids won’t mind the few hours of freedom either.

Limit Screen Time

If you and your family members stay glued to phone and tablet screens, that pretty much beats the purpose of taking a vacation in the first place. Try limiting everyone’s screen time to only what’s necessary: important calls and letting your friends know you are okay.Enjoy the views and take in the scenery around you to attain a fresh perspective.


The important thing to consider while taking a vacation for the whole family to enjoy is not to sweat the small stuff. Many things will inevitably go wrong. Try not to overreact and deal with them wisely. This will not only lessen your stress but will give your kids an idea of how to handle disappointments when things fail to go their way. Try to stick to the above-mentioned tips to make sure you await your annual family vacation every time.

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