Best Photo Repair Software for Windows {2023}

Suppose you have captured a perfect photo, and it got corrupt. You are unable to open and access it and want to repair it badly. There are many software tools available that will help you. And your mind goes running, which one to choose or which one will help you repair your corrupt photo perfectly. However, not all of them will be effective, so you should know what to look for.

  • Stellar Repair for Photo

When it comes to photo repair, Stellar Repair for Photo stands above the rest. This software is capable of repairing corrupted images of various types. It also consists of some impressive features and functions. It can repair corrupt photos, fix underexposed, overexposed, blurry, and fuzzy pictures, and a host of other features. It can be used with a single PC, and it supports a variety of image file formats, including all RAW files, DNG, TIFF, and JPEGs.

It is a no-brainer that Stellar Repair for Photo is the best photo repairing tool around. This program can easily be installed on any modern Windows PC. The best part is it requires very little processing power. In fact, it can process a huge number of photos in no time. It has a wide range of features and functionalities, and it also has a streamlined preview window. You can even view the restored image before saving it to your hard drive.

The program also boasts a number of interesting features, such as a full suite of photo enhancement tools, and can extract thumbnails of severely corrupt RAW files. You can use this software to repair your corrupt, inaccessible photos from all sorts of loss scenarios, from deletion to a faulty hard drive.

It’s not uncommon to experience data loss. This can be frustrating. But with the help of a specialized photo repair application, you don’t have to live with damaged photos anymore. The software is a one-stop shop, and it can be downloaded and installed on your system in minutes. In addition, it has an intuitive interface, and it is compatible with all kinds of file systems and storage devices.

  • OneSafe JPEG Repair – Photo Repair Tool

Whether your photos were corrupt due to a sudden power outage, software bugs, virus infection, or a simple mistake, the best solutions out there can help you restore your precious memories.

OneSafe JPEG Repair is a similar photo repair software that supports a variety of storage devices, including USB flash drives, hard disks, and memory cards. This application also offers a preview of repaired files before saving them.

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Another photo repair tool worth checking out is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This software integrates data recovery and file repair functions to help you retrieve deleted, corrupted, or missing files. This software can repair damaged JPEG images, thumbnails, or any other file type on your Mac. It can even scan your USB flash drive and recover corrupted and missing photos.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a data restoration software program that recovers lost or deleted files from a computer or a storage device. This includes external drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, and even camera and digital camera footage.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is easy to use and offers great scanning algorithms. This software also offers a free trial version that can scan up to 2GB of your hard drive. However, if you would like to restore more than that amount of data, you will have to purchase the paid version. In addition to being a great data recovery tool, EaseUS offers a variety of other tools to help you repair your photos. This includes a PhotoRec utility that can extract faulty partitions, retrieve missing photographs, and even help you restore the original images on a hard drive.

The EaseUS data recovery program is safe to use. It encrypts your data, and it is risk-free in most cases. This can be a real lifesaver if you need to recover a lost or damaged file.

  • PixRecovery

PixRecovery is a great software application that helps to repair photos. The tool allows you to restore damaged pictures and save them in the original file format. It is easy to use and has a friendly interface.

It is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, including Vista and 11. The software offers a free trial version for users to try out. The program can only fix certain types of files, but users can choose the file type that they want to repair. It is possible to recover and fix corrupted JPG images with this software. It can also repair RAW files.

It has a simple user interface, but it is not compatible with the Mac operating system. It also comes with a time-delayed option, so you can wait for two weeks before you can get the repaired photos back.

In addition to recovering damaged JPG files, the program also repairs other image formats. It can fix pixelated, blurry, and inaccessible images. The tool supports more than 30 photo file formats. It can also preview the repaired photos.

It has a comprehensive list of features, including batch processing and thumbnail recovery. You can restore lost files, as well as create complete backups of all your important photos. You can export photos to other file formats, as well.

  • Picture Doctor

This is a popular tool for restoring lost photos. The software can repair around 30 different file types. In addition, it has an effective filtering system so you can narrow down your search by the type of file you need.

You can even choose to fix multiple photos at once. The software can repair RAW files from a variety of popular brands. It has a wide array of functions, so it is worth buying the premium version.

The only disadvantage of the software is that it only fixes certain types of images. It cannot work with progressive JPEG files, and it is not compatible with Mac systems. However, if you need to restore pictures from a hard drive, it is an effective tool.

It can fix the original color palette and dimensions of the damaged images. It can restore files with bad sectors, as well. It has a free trial version, and a one-time purchase will allow you to download the full version.


While there are many useful tools for those with an extensive collection of photo types, Stellar Repair for Photo software stands above them all. This software can repair corrupt and damaged photo files stored in any drive or media. You can fix multiple JPEG files simultaneously and extract thumbnails out of severely damaged RAW & JPEG files.

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