3 Jewelry Trends You Won’t Want to Ignore in 2023


As the new year once again approaches, fashion-conscious consumers are already looking into trends for the year ahead, and this year promises huge changes in jewelry trends.

Do you remember, or can you even imagine, the Y2K years when rappers ruled the world in everything from music to apparel to jewelry? If not, you are in for a big surprise when it comes to looking forward to jewelry trends for 2023. Hold onto your seats because you are in for the ride of your life – on a time machine? Perhaps not, but a ride nonetheless!

1. Handcrafted Jewelry for Statement Pieces

It was a time when everything was big and bold and oversized, sometimes almost as big as the egos that flared, but what can we say? Those rappers, which we’ll get to in a moment, were chart toppers, so maybe those egos weren’t so out of line. Most often, though, it’s the jewelry we remember most because that was the time when everything got bigger and bolder and took the world by storm, much like the music of the day.

It was a time when much of the jewelry worn was handcrafted to suit the celebs who wore it. You will remember those handmade rings that were almost as long as the finger between knuckles and usually stood for some kind of group or cause. These were often showcased in videos where those handwaving, finger-pointing moves were a large part of the persona. Who could miss the rings?

2. Y2K Makes a Bold Return

It doesn’t take much to remember the biggest artists of those years leading up to a new millennium. Rappers held the top of the charts, and these names continue to dominate the airwaves (and streaming media) today. Sadly, streaming media wasn’t a thing back then, but if it was, the names would be the same. Take a moment to picture:

And so many more. Now, for just a moment, try to remember back to the days when MTV aired their official videos. What do you remember most about their fashions? Perhaps you remember pants that threatened to fall down to their knees with huge, oversized jewelry that didn’t quite take your eyes away from what you ‘might’ get a glimpse of. But happily, the jewelry was probably better to look at anyway!

3. Jewelry as the Focus, Not the Accessory!

Today, we’ve learned something from all that. Now it’s the jewelry that is meant to be the focus of a ‘look’ as opposed to the clothing on their bodies. In fact, many fashion influencers predict that this will be the year when jewelry takes front and center stage and why so many designers are adding lines of jewelry to their collections.

A few years ago, it was scent, but this year we are watching all those amazingly artistic handcrafted necklaces that can double as belts, oversized dangling earrings meant to be worn with asymmetric buzz cuts, amazingly artistic rings and, well, jewelry. This year it’s going to be all about jewelry, so what can we say? Are you ready for some bling? If so, 2023 is sure to delight.

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