The wood drying study turns 60


It was 1962 when the engineer Vincenzo Pagnozzi began to do the first research for the drying of wood. The study on the vacuum drying of wood led to the creation of the first industrial plant with vacuum machinery for wood in the world. Thus began a journey that, through inventions and patents, has brought the company to the top in the production of wood treatment machinery. The legacy of Dr. Vincenzo was collected by his son Ernesto, joined Maspell in 1972, and then by his nephew Umberto Pagnozzi, joined in 2005 and today owner of one of the most successful Italian and world companies in the construction of machines for treating wood. Eng. Umberto Pagnozzi marked the journey of this company that has been able to renew itself over time, with new ideas and challenges, but always remaining anchored to tradition.

In this sixty-year journey, many new ideas and challenges have been faced and overcome, and to that first study on wood drying, others have been added that have led to the creation of machinery for wood vaporization and heat treatment. Innovation and tradition come together in that reality that today, with commitment, perseverance and passion, works to make wood drying and heat treatment systems more and more efficient. Choosing WDE Maspell today means opting for a company that collaborates alongside those who work with wood, to always offer the best technological solutions.

Optimizing woodworking, a challenge that began 60 years ago

The challenge, which began sixty years ago, is still open because research and innovation are constantly evolving and there is no point of arrival in the research path. Each new discovery is a new starting point, and it is for this reason that WDE Maspell continues to set new goals, to face new challenges with the desire to win that has always characterized the company path and with the same desire to find innovative solutions that know how make every woodworking process more and more fluid and simple.

Meanwhile, WDE Maspell is also working to make vacuum wood processing operations increasingly environmentally friendly and sustainable. Attention to environmental issues leads to treatments capable of making the natural material par excellence inerting and resistant to biodegradation without having to use pollutants. Thanks to the Termo Vuoto, in fact, 100% ecological wood is thermally transformed while maintaining all its main characteristics unaltered.

WDE Maspell research and innovation are increasingly at the center of Italian and foreign companies, which increasingly choose to bring Made in Italy excellence for woodworking into their production processes. Numerous awards have been obtained, including the prestigious SEAL OF EXCELLENCE award from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.

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