Terra Luna: what should investors in crypto know about this coin?


The cryptocurrency market is one that has really taken off in the last few years and has started to gain real traction with investors. This is mainly due to the large number of generally positive headlines crypto gets in the media now and the fact it has shown itself to be an asset that has stuck around. Bitcoin, for example, was launched in 2009 and its longevity has allowed investors to gain more confidence in the whole crypto market over time.

The overall performance of coins like Bitcoin has also helped bring more people into cryptocurrencies and led to a whole raft of coins being developed to put money into. A quick look at any decent cryptocurrency list will demonstrate this and highlight just how many coins there are to invest in.

Terra Luna stands out for many

Although this wide range of choice means there are plenty of coins you could put your cash into, Terra Luna is currently a standout for many. Despite only being launched in 2022, it has quickly gained a large following among investors, who follow the price of Luna on a daily basis. With a market cap of over $270m, it is one of the biggest coins around and one that has good liquidity for investors to enjoy.

What should you know about Terra Luna?

One of the traits of serial entrepreneurs is fully researching any new venture before moving into it. This is also something that investors should take note of and remember to do. It is, after all, your own money you are risking with each trade.

This is especially true for newer coins that have appeared relatively recently. Investors in Smooth Love Potion, for example, would be wise to check out the latest SLP price and the background to this asset before putting money into it.

But what is the story behind Terra Luna?

Terra was actually set up in 2018 by Do Kwon (company CEO) and Daniel Shin (serial entrepreneur and computer science expert). Development of this coin and its network took some time but the company behind the public blockchain (Terraform Labs) raised $150m in investment during the first quarter of 2021.

Further to this, Terra Luna was launched in late May 2022 and has shown constant progression in terms of value. This naturally has made it a coin that savvy investors have kept an eye on and look to when thinking of alternative coins to put money into. With an all-time high of $18.87, it is clear that this is a coin that has past form of doing well.

What is Terra Luna about?

All investors into crypto know that the best performing coins usually have a viable application in the real world. Terra Luna is no exception and this is certainly one reason it has made waves lately.

In simple terms, it is a next-gen blockchain protocol that facilitates open finance infrastructure development and reliable, programmable payments. This means the Terra protocol can deliver fast transactions, hassle-free cross-border payments and low fees. As online banking and digital finance become increasingly more important in society, Terra Luna is perfectly positioned to make the most of it.

Another key thing to know about Terra Luna is that it is a stablecoin that has a limited number of coins in the market at any one time (this is set at 1 billion). This means it is a crypto asset that is less volatile than some non-stablecoins and can be easier to invest in. The strict regulation of supply also means that prices remain more consistent.

Where could Terra Luna head next?

This, of course, is the million-dollar question for any cryptocurrency and one that is hard to answer without a crystal ball. It is safe to say, though, that Terra Luna is a coin that has garnered plenty of attention recently and could ride the wave of greater demand for safe, fast online payments to more success.

This has already been seen in the past, when a price of $9.2779 was reached in late May 2022. While it might not be quite at those levels currently, it does show there is significant room for future growth. Its status as a stablecoin could also help it attract more investors in future, as people look for a more reliable, predictable way to invest in crypto.

Terra Luna 101: everything you needed to know

Although you might have heard of Terra Luna before, the sheer number of coins on the market now might mean you did not really know much about it previously. Hopefully, the information here has helped and left you with a much clearer picture of what it is all about.

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