Taurus Weekly Horoscope 6th November – 12th November 2022


Love and Relationships

You may get the time to spend with your loved one. There were misunderstandings in your relationship due to the interference of a third person. Singles may meet their special ones during a social gathering. Couples trying to conceive may find this week work for them. Married couples may plan to go on a short vacation away from their family to get some time for themselves.


Aquarius may enjoy a good level of fitness during this week. This might enable you to adore the time both mentally and physically. Stick to a healthy diet. Do not eat junk and fast foods. If you are planning to lose some kilos, be regular with your exercise routine. Pregnant women need to be especially careful as miscarriages are indicated.


If the possibility of exploring some new business avenues has been on your mind for a while, this week brings the perfect time to take the plunge. You are likely to go in for an option that may allow you to engage in business with parties in the international arena, which may be very lucrative money wise. Keep your eyes open for property investment deals.


You may experience great satisfaction from your work, which may put you in a better mood. This week, health care professionals are likely to get some very challenging assignments at work. This week may be lucky for the export and import business professionals. You may get good projects and good monetary gain by this weekend. Take a particular interest in building your portfolio, say your weekly predictions.


For those of you interested in learning a new skill, this is your week. Those who have been working hard and planning to learn higher studies would find the week enriching and complete. Therefore, continue the hard work to improve your knowledge, and the entire week would be rewarding for most of you. Your hard work may be appreciated in the days to come.

The Week’s Overview

Taurus sign individuals may have a challenging week ahead. So, you are advised to refrain from negative thinking as this may distract you from your work. You should think twice before pursuing assignments. Your patience would be the key to accomplish your work targets. You may get recognized, appreciated and rewarded for your contribution to the growth of the organization. You would be able to prove your mettle through your hard work, practicality, efficiency, perseverance and right analysis at the workplace. Following that, you may have more projects in your hand. You are likely to maintain cordial relationships with your colleagues. In the coming days, you might be serious about your ambition. While chasing life goals, you may get a bit aggressive in your approach to achieve your goals. Others may find you insensitive towards them. In such cases, try to be practical about your own milestones. You may lose control over your hard-earned money. So, the best you can do is to make investments intelligently. This is a good time to develop financial discipline. Secure your future by having mindful reserves. You are advised to handle money with care and not to make expenditures without much thought over its necessity. You may get the opportunity to relocate due to several reasons. Finding a new job could be one of the reasons. You may get confused over this matter of shifting. In this phase, you should seek your friends’ advice or consult anyone you take guidance. The lack of clarity may occupy your mind initially. There would be some minor discomfort due to this new environment. You may settle down quicker than usual due to your adaptable nature.

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