Pisces Weekly Horoscope 6th November – 12th November 2022

Love and Relationships

Divorce seekers would be successful. A long-delayed relationship or marriage proposal may be processed. Divorced or single parents may meet someone alike who understands them. Some old buddies may propose a connection. SMS and phone calls to your lover might revitalise your connection. This week, try to be clear and connected with your love partner and spouse. Trust would be crucial for your marriage to thrive.


Pregnant women should be particularly cautious this week as stress and ignorance might trigger a sudden health crisis. This week, don’t skip your checkup or medicine. Eye strain can be harmful. Prioritise your task for a stress-free week. Spend time with your family to rejuvenate your personal relationship and mind. Keep an eye on your ideas and avoid negative influences.


The stars suggest that you may spend this week on travel, shopping, and car expenses. Savings this week is not on the card. Financial gain and spending may be mixed. Siblings might ask for your support in the form of money. Unplanned education or course material expenses may occur. The relative might assist you financially. Expenses on religious deeds and children’s education might provide satisfaction.


You may get a raise or a new job. Lucky is on your side. A successful career in research or abroad. Some of you may relocate owing to a new or changing job. Prioritise work based on your office work. Avoid sending letters to coworkers. This is not the week to invest. A job-related emotional decision might be problematic. Travel related to business is expected this week.


This week’s Moon-Jupiter transit may assist you to study a new language and do research. Indulge in the process of learning astrology, tarot, or meditate with Jupiter’s transit this week. This week, your inventiveness will make you popular among friends. Mercury and Rahu transit cautions social media comments. Studying a new language and skill that you enjoy will be gratifying and bring you fame and recognition.

The Week’s Overview

Pisces individuals are expected to undergo a challenging phase in the next few days. This could be because of your egoistic attitude, which may put your relationship on the cusp of the hills. At the same time, you may need to maintain sweet relations with your close ones. Businesspersons may have unexpected trips entering a new week. You are likely to sign new contracts with foreign clients as well. Those who are planning to get a job in foreign countries may soon get a green signal. You may then plan to settle in a foreign land. Besides, you may need to be careful in your love life. There are chances that you may create issues, which may lead you to part ways with your partner. It is advisable to watch out for your words as they may hurt others. On the other hand, Jupiter transit may aid lovers to offer more time and space to their partner. Married natives may prepare for the conception. During this phase, you should refrain from negative thoughts, which may give rise to your mental stress. In short, it may have adverse effects on your health. So, you should calmly deal with situations next week. Take out time to follow regular exercise. Elders suffering from bad health may have stable health. Kids may complain of minor health issues, likely because of seasonal changes. Overall, it would be a difficult phase for the major areas of your life.

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