Nima Safa, Founder, and CEO at S&V Properties in Dubai, lays out tips on succeeding in real estate

People must optimize every opportunity in the industry; he says to reach their visions and aspirations.

A close look around will let people know how things have been fast-moving across varied sectors around the world. A closer gaze will also allow them to see how several industries could thrive because many businesses within them endlessly kept creating momentum and gradual growth, proving how consistent efforts of entrepreneurs go a long way in turning businesses into exceptional success stories. Nima Safa, who did the same with his real estate company S&V Properties in Dubai, says that though real estate from the outside may seem too exciting, things can get a little tricky inside if people lack the right knowledge or experience or they fail to sharpen their skills.

Thus, he has come forward to lay out a few essential tips that budding talents can follow to succeed in real estate as entrepreneurs.

  • Be clear on the vision: Nima Safa can’t emphasize enough how essential it is for people to first be clear on what they wish to achieve in real estate. This vision will help them lay out a plan that they can follow to get ahead in the industry.
  • Acquire great market knowledge: Only having a passion for something is not enough to gain one’s desired success. One needs to continuously feed their minds with the right insights and knowledge to learn the minute and the bigger details of the industry, he says. This will help them to understand the many layers of real estate.
  • Practice patience: Rome was not built in a day; someone said that right. It may take even years for some to get even an inch closer to their dreams, but practicing patience will what help them, Nima Safa highlights. Though he launched his business in 2021, since 2012, he started hustling in the real estate sector, leading him thus far.
  • Keep quality as the top priority: Nima Safa says that in any business, entrepreneurs must always focus on offering the best quality products/services, which will increase word-of-mouth and help them gain more credibility as a business.

Nima Safa (@thenimasafa) is also known for giving back to society by sharing his knowledge and experiences with aspiring talents in Dubai’s real estate.

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