How to increase the percentage of matches won in FIFA 23


FIFA 23 is a continuation of the cult series of sports simulator, with updated graphics and improved mechanics of player behavior. The characters began to move more realistically, the physics of the ball behavior and the reactions of the fans improved.

Many players go to FIFA 23 to absorb at least some of the emotions of the players from winning major tournaments. How to be a beginner and increase your win percentage without playing experience? Let’s find out in this article

What factors influence FIFA 23 wins

  • Compound
  • Tactics
  • Morality


Despite the fact that the composition plays a big role in winning the match, famous players are not always the key to a successful end to the confrontation.

It’s not about abandoning the idea of ​​collecting the best players, but about the fact that winning a match determines strong performers, and they are not always worth all the fifa coins of the server.

Start assembling your team with Bronze sets, they are of course different from silver and gold ones, but they are cheap and will help you build a basic squad that you will gradually improve. You can improve your squad by gradually completing tasks to open more expensive packs – gold and special ones and gradually replenish your team with the best performers, or buy fifa coins and get everything at once – it’s up to you.


It is worth playing the best players in the world once against an average squad, but an experienced player, to understand that skill matters more than famous players.

To increase your percentage of wins in matches, you need to resort to various tactics, namely:

  • Quick pass
  • Center field control
  • Crosses and long shots

Quick pass

The technique that Barcelona became famous for under Guardiola, which is still relevant, but a bit forgotten in world football.

Players quickly exchange the ball in one touch by constantly moving towards the opponent’s goal and regularly offering themselves to each other to avoid ball interception situations. For the tactic to work, you need to quickly change the player in the process of passing and make the next pass with lightning speed after receiving the ball.

Of course, at the first stages you will make mistakes – this is normal, but in the future, a feeling of control over the situation will come, and playing such football that is irritable for the opponent will lead to mistakes and fouls that will play into the hands.

Center field control

The tactics are similar to a quick pass, but the movements are more measured and thoughtful. Here, a quick pass and feints on the spot and ball control with a pass at the last moment are good. Your task is to exhaust your opponents and go on the counterattack at any moment when you see a gap in the enemy’s defense.

Crosses and long shots

Many players are afraid to perform crosses and long shots. The main reason is the inability to do this and the lack of understanding of the situation when it is appropriate to break through from afar, or to carry out a canopy.

You need to hit from afar when you are on the goal line, or a small diagonal – you see a gap in the opponent’s defense and do not have the opportunity to keep the ball under pressure from the defense. Throw with less than full force, leave a small margin in the yellow and orange zone, otherwise the ball will fly into the stands.

Sheds serve as a substitute for a pass when you need to quickly change the flank of an attack, or get rid of pressure in closed areas. The canopy is performed by pressing the button you set, and the camera is looking in the direction of impact. Calculate the power – always hit for power, a little more than half the scale – this is universal advice for all types of punches. Hitting too lightly or crossing the ball will not fly and will be intercepted, hitting too hard will put the ball out of bounds in most situations.


If you know how to maintain morale in any matches, you will always have a chance to win back from any, even almost hopeless situation and a large backlog.

To always keep the level of morality, remember a few simple rules:

  1. The opponent is the same player and makes mistakes, regardless of the strength of his composition.
  2. A quick goal can turn everything around, the main thing is to attack.
  3. Do not be afraid to make a mistake – play to the fullest, you lose anyway – take risks.
  4. Even if defeat is inevitable – analyze the match and draw conclusions without emotions and claims to your game – you are learning.

Do not sit down for a new match without inspiration and craving for victory, otherwise you will just spoil your mood and take breaks with a series of losses – it’s normal when there are both winning and losing streaks – you need a reboot.

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