Find that inner voice that speaks wisdom to you

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After close to two years, it should shock no one; many are, at the least, tired of this horrible decade, or even far – more sick and exhausted – and- weary of it and the consequence on our lives! We have searched for solutions online, but we have found puzzles challenging to solve and explanations more damaging than ever. Plus, we have even lost the single most important thing while searching for solutions – our inner voice.

Searching for actual answers to perplexing questions online has caused blindness in our mind’s eye.

Inner Voice

The inner voice is the voice in your head that is continuously trying to communicate with you. It is barely ever quiet, and it loves to present different scenarios in front of you. Some of you reading this are saying, “What inner voice? I don’t have an inner voice!” That is your inner voice. This is your subconscious mind speaking to your conscious partner.

Think of your subconscious mind as our internal search engine. It is filled with answers from life experiences or answers from things you use to condition it. For instance, do you remember the first time you approached your crush and were brutally ignored? As you age, you had opportunities to talk to others, but you got extremely nervous and awkward. Your mind creates that fear to prevent that negative feeling you have had in your past. Different past events have happened to all of us that shape our decision-making as we get older. However, when you dig deeper, you’ll find your innermost voice trying to help you overcome your past rejection. This innermost voice feels like a voice from afar and yet quite near.

Find a peaceful place where you can unwind and feel secure without interruptions. This doesn’t mean driving far away and lighting a cigarette. Smoking kills your inner voice faster than the speed of light. Just find a quiet place, sit back, perform some deep abdominal breaths, and tell yourself to slow down. Pretend you are sinking in an elevator, going deeper and deeper within your heart and mind. Listen for the stillness. Give yourself some more time to relax. Then picture where you feel the architect or source of your wisdom might reside. Now ask for a sign or image from whomever you think is accountable for the many flashes of understanding and valuable ideas that seem to have come out of nowhere in the past. Listen for what pops into your thoughts or what vision appears (for me, it is Shiva and sometimes my grandfather). Study it carefully.

Ask your inner counsel, in whatever build it appears, if they will help you in dealing with an existing problem or conclusion you have to make. Listen. Silently observe what emerges in your thoughts. Make every attempt to settle and relate to what appears, just as you would with an old friend. The image may alter in answer to your question, or you may hear a yes or another response.

Take a detailed request for an idea, advice, or facts you need in dealing with your existing crisis. Consider it carefully regardless of what emerges in your mind or thoughts, even if it does not make sense. Most of us have prior expectations that often obscure and confuse what comes into our mindful awareness. So make a detailed examination.

Ask follow-up questions and see what comes back. As your ideas and images appear throughout your quest for the wisdom within, have a pencil handy, so you can jot down or draw what you encounter. Sometimes you may get a sense of what to do and not have an image or a sound as a sign. You “know” this is the way to go in addressing your issue. It will feel good. It will feel right.

Because we have all been conditioned by social media to expect instant success or something is wrong with us, give yourself time to develop faith in contacting the wisdom and the origin of that wisdom that lies within. It is there, and you can be sure it will pour forth if you are patient. Persist.

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