Cryptoreek: From Prison to the Crypto Market

Taariq Paul

Most people spend their life searching for a purpose. The path takes them to highs, lows, and sometimes to prison. The quest for the ‘true calling’ keeps them looking for opportunities that can change their lives for good. The dream of achieving something makes them go through a dark tunnel with the hope that there will be light. Many famous people, including 50 cents and Jay-Z, have spent days in prison before making it big on a global stage. These stories prove that the past does not matter if one successfully finds their place in the world.

The ups and downs are a continuous part of life. Sometimes the days of struggle play a primary role in providing perspective. They change the way one looks at success and the future. It is safe to say that it is never too late to turn one’s life around. The only thing that matters is how a person copes with the challenges and takes control of their life. The world is full of stories where people have found their mojo after hitting rock bottom. The experiences helped them get their life in order and take the necessary steps.

Taariq Paul’s tale of life is no different. Born to Terrance and Margaret Paul in 1992, Paul, known as Cryptoreek, was able to turn his life around. His life is no less than a roller-coaster ride. He migrated to Pennsylvania from Trinidad and Tobago to Pennsylvania in 1994. The spark to achieve something in life was always there in Taariq’s eyes. He tried everything he could to make money and create a world of his own. From working at BestBuy to selling drugs, his life took a massive turn. Son of immigrant parents from Trinidad and Tobago, Paul was apprehended in 2018 and charged with possession with intent to sell drugs. It was a point that made Paul rethink his priority and reshape his future. Despite the unprecedented challenges, Paul’s vision to make it big stayed with him. With his eyes on the emerging crypto market, Paul realized what he could step into it. Paul associated much hope for the crypto market to become a cash cow for himself. Luckily, he had invested a few thousand bucks into the ecosystem before being arrested. Later, he formulated a strategy to educate people about the crypto market at large.

After breathing in the fresh air of freedom in 2019, Paul decided to teach people about the wonders of the cryptocurrency market. Stepping into 2020 was horrible for a lot of reasons. The world was facing problems like a pandemic, economic fall, food shortage, and a global health disaster. The crypto market was not indifferent to the crisis. It sustained a massive downfall pushing the stakes to an alarming low. But pandits like Cryptoreek managed to find a fortune for themselves and many others. He saw the dip as a golden opportunity to turn things around for the market. This move was a game-changer for the former detainee. Cryptoreek managed to milk a massive 6-figure of profits for himself.

Making a fortune for himself did not stop him from helping others. He went ahead to simplify the crypto jargon for people who want to step into the world of cryptocurrency. His vision was one of his ways to return to society with clarity. He tried to become a bridge between the people and the emerging market. His book A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Cryptocurrency was his attempt to fulfill the growing void in the crypto market. The aim was to make cryptocurrency a household name among potential investors. It promises to make people aware of the untapped potential that lies in this revolutionary ecosystem. Taariq, with his growing stature and expertise, has become a torchbearer for the people invested in the crypto circuit. He maintains his reputation as Cryptoreek enabling people to replicate his ideas to uplift their earnings. Paul, among the money crypto entrepreneurs, is proof that with intent and the right execution of ideas, one can achieve anything in life. All one needs is self-belief and determination to turn things in their favor. Success might be a little far, but the hustle and bustle must go on.

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