Virgo Weekly Horoscope 25th September– 1st October 2022


Love and Relationships

Behave politely with your spouse. Getting aggressive may fatally affect your married life, so be careful. There is a chance of problems arising in your married life. Try to spend maximum time with your partner and try resolving the problems at the earliest. Singles are advised not to take any hasty decisions about proposing their love interest as there are chances of a negative response.


Extravagances of great health are indicated in your weekly health horoscope. You may recuperate from your old health problems and find yourself on a better pitch. Elders should not miss their medications and meals. Avoid addictions as much as possible. Immerse yourself in prayers and meditation, and you may feel a positive impact on your health and fitness. Avoid stress.


Be very vigilant about your finances this week. As the planet linked to financial matters is weak, you may have to pass through fiscal glitches. Be very observant and focused on financial matters as there are chances of lapses that may lead to financial losses. Don’t take undue risk in investments as no monetary gains are indicated. Use your savings to meet your financial emergencies.


This may be the perfect time to take some initiatives at your workplace to improve your career prospects. Bear in mind that your career growth is directly proportional to your performance and the results you deliver. Enhance your technical skills to give yourself an edge over others. Your co-workers and associates may value your resolve, which may make you proud. Stay focused to create benchmarks this week.


The week is good for those planning to learn languages that could benefit them in the future. For those who want to take up a course in alternative skills, their efforts may not go in vain. Remain focused and keep the learning process ongoing. There are good chances that you may win some debate competition if you partake.

The Week’s Overview

Virgo individuals are likely to see some improvements in their health and fitness this week. Virgo students may need to consult their tutors or mentors for guidance in their studies. As far as your career is concerned, new opportunities are likely to come for aspirants who are willing to reach their career goals. Jobseekers may come across exciting vacancies. Your application is likely to pass through, so you can expect an interview call. For the ones who are looking for a raise or an appraisal, this week may help you get the things done. You may need to make the right decision at the right time. It would be a suitable time for you to bring about a positive transformation in your life. For the natives in business, you may have to take follow-ups. There would be more calls to attend and more meetings. You may get more clients and more project conversions. You are advised to remain more careful about receivables. This week is likely to present your wisdom and happiness. There would be ample planetary support so that you may meet your expectations. Natives are likely to enjoy a good time with their beloved this week. You are likely to enjoy wonderful moments with your friends as well. Everyone around you would be supportive of you. Students are likely to do well in their academics. You are advised to refrain from over-thinking and perform meditation to achieve mental peace.

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