Virgo Weekly Horoscope 23rd October – 29th October 2022


Love and Relationships

Wedded couples may see some conflicts and misinterpretations between them due to the planetary position. Be careful not to hurt each other’s egos. This time might not be so good, and there are chances of clashes and quarrels between the partners, which may, in turn, bring bitterness to the relationship. You are advised to keep control over your language and not to use any harsh words.


As per the weekly health horoscope, there appear to be no major health worries during this period. However, you need to take care of yourself and maintain a healthy diet routine. Also, it is imperative to do some physical exercise and yoga as it could help you keep the health problems at bay. Try keeping your anger under control.


You may be blessed by your stars this week with regard to finances and wealth. The week is likely to be great on your finance front. You might see some new opportunities for income opening up, surprisingly. This might lift your confidence and inspire you to put in more effort. It’s a good time for making long-term investments into real estate after making a careful assessment.


Those who are into business may see promising outcomes. There are chances of new coalitions and partnerships. It may not be an appropriate time to venture into new businesses. Play the wait and watch the game. Those employed are advised to avoid rushed and sharp decisions as far as the job is concerned. Avoid all quick-rich money-making practices as you might suffer losses. Be truthful in your dealings.


If you want your academic performance and grades to increase, do not waste your time in worthless activities and put more effort into studying. As Mars will be placed in your education house, you might feel highly spirited and self-assured. Your resolve may get stronger. Your planetary positions might increase your focus and help you concentrate on your studies. Don’t become prey to disruptions.

The Week’s Overview

Natives who are born under the Virgo sign may have a moderate week ahead. Students can expect to find opportunities to make remarkable progress in their careers. You may get easily distracted; be hence your performance in your studies are can dip to an extent. Also, you are advised that you should refrain from making the decision in haste. Those who are willing to take higher education should seek advice from the concerned person. Business owners may get benefit from their newly-developed strategies. You would be able to meet your expectations in terms of productivity. Moving on, you need to take care of financial matters as they may put a dent in your wealth status. Those who are planning to buy their own property may seal a deal in the coming days. Virgo born lovers should be careful in their love life as their mood swings may leave their partner red-faced. You would be able to regroup your thoughts as the week advances. You may begin to feel the same love and affection. Your health is likely to remain average, and there are possibilities that you may suffer from water-borne diseases. Elders may complain of some seasonal health problems. It is advisable to follow a proper diet plan. Other than that, it would be a great time to make new developments.

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