The Queens of the Desert

Nasreen Alissa

Saudi Arabia, formerly an oil-dependent economy, is expanding its horizon and discovering new avenues of revenue. With Saudi Arabia minimizing its dependency on traditional means and welcoming new methodologies, it is time for Saudi women to make a difference, especially when Jeddah is eyeing the ambitious Vision 2030 goals.

With a gradual but steady increase, women’s representation has risen to 30% in Saudi Arabia. They are ready to conquer the Saudi economy with increasing opportunities and assistance. The potential has always been there among Saudi females. In recent years, Saudi women have become one of the integral pillars of their society. Entrepreneurship has been a critical element in the steady growth of Saudi women.   For instance, Noha Al-Yousef laid the foundation for Ithraa Consulting Group. Since the company’s creation, Noha has significantly contributed to providing Saudi entrepreneurs with assistance and support.   She has also participated actively in various developmental endeavors across the country. Technology remains one of the many areas for women to test waters. As Jeddah prepares to achieve Vision 2030 goals, women have become hyperactive in different technological ventures. Emon Shakoor is among the many names contributing to the Saudi technological dream. She is the brain behind Saudi Arabia’s first tech-inclusion and female-focused accelerator, Blossom Accelerator.

In a world full of prospects, one needs to have a proper understanding of their legal rights. Saudi Arabia today is rising to its true potential. With women taking the lead, they must acquire better knowledge about their lawful rights. Nasreen Alissa, a young Saudi lawyer, remains eager to help the female natives identify their legal rights. Born in Saudi Arabia, Alissa completed her educational journey in Canada, securing a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of British Colombia. Her growing interest in law made her gain an LLB degree from Nottingham Law School, LPC and LLM from City Law School.

Returning to her homeland, she was pushed to take necessary measures to help Saudi females explore their legal options. In 2016, Nasreen managed to launch a pro bono legal app called Know Your Rights.   The app was a major success, with 10,000 downloads on Google Play and 70,000 subscribers on Apple Store. The app’s primary purpose is to offer Saudi females legal advice and solutions to help them move forward. The growing popularity of the pro bono app has helped thousands of women gain valuable knowledge about their legal options. It remains a key enabler and a source of guidance for emerging Saudi women.

Nasreen’s time around the world helped her understand how she could play her part in empowering women back at home. Her time at the Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP proved to be a litmus test for her abilities. Having spent enough time working with international bigshots, Nasreen decided to take a step further. It was in 2018 that she laid the foundation of The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa. Today, Nasreen has become a leading voice across her country. She maintains a solid reputation and remains a proactive contributor focusing on causes related to women.

Women in Saudi Arabia have been in the field for the longest time. But the changing global dynamics have provided them with more options at home and abroad. Nasreen has been a prominent figure who has made her existence recognized across the globe. The young lawyer remains committed to continuing her endeavors to help Saudi women shine. Her ideas and vision have been clear right from the beginning. It’s her dream to refine her services and enable her fellow women to understand the legal complexities. She comes from a place where she has adopted a universal approach. Nasreen aims to become a catalyst for her fellow women to overcome challenges and rise above their potential.

Alissa is one of the many women trying their best to help the nation realize its full potential. Her proactive role in the field of law is an inspiration for the women who dream big. She’s proven with her abilities that one can achieve anything if they have the vision and an eye for the future. Nasreen Alissa is a role model for females in Saudi Arabia and worldwide. She has managed to become a source of encouragement for women and registered her name in the list of Queens of the Desert. With Nasreen reaching the heights of success, it is safe to say that the future is female.

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