Taurus Weekly Horoscope 2nd October– 8th October 2022


Love and Relationships

This week you may feel pulled between the various aspects of your life—both in work and your relationship. If you want to be successful professionally and personally, give as much focus to your partner as you give to your work. If your spouse is pregnant, make sure you get everything she wishes for. Singles may have to wait a little more to meet their perfect partners.


Aquarius may find themselves in the pinkest of their health. You could have great levels of energy and enthusiasm. If you are a sportsperson, it may be crucial for you to balance your practice and rest. Some of you may suffer from shoulder and back pain. Pregnant women should be careful with their meals and medication.


This week money shall not be a problem, and you may get relief from financial crunch related issues, as your held-up payments shall be released. However, you may make unfavourable financial decisions due to some mental pressure. The better thing would be to calm your mind and then go ahead with money-making efforts. This week brings a good time for professionals in sales and marketing.


The best week to give your career a big boost. Your colleagues and superiors may notice your achievements this week. You are going to be under the spotlight during this period for all the right reasons. Make efforts to keep this going in an upward direction. If you are planning for a job change, you can also get good opportunities for it, says your weekly career horoscope.


Those in the field of teaching would be asked to upgrade their skills and knowledge. This would not be a straightforward exercise. You would do well through online learning. Those interested in getting the right mix of reading habits are likely to find good books to improve their knowledge. You may pick the right approach in learning as you may start from the basics.

The Week’s Overview

Natives who are connected with the Taurus sign are likely to deal in antiques this week. It may bring good luck to your life. This is the phase where you are likely to be at your best, and also, you would be excited to learn new skills. Natives of Taurus may get involved in over-thinking this week. This unnecessary imagination may not let you work at your optimal best. The week is likely to come up with certain kinds of benefits and rewards for the job professionals. You are expected to lead with more work and responsibilities. You might get satisfactory appraisals as well. Your patience is likely to let you achieve what you desire. Your efforts are likely to be appreciated. Taurus natives in business are likely to get more organized, assertive, hardworking and calculative this week. You may pull all the strings at your end for the success of your venture. Those who have started a new business are likely to gain more profits this week. Taurus natives may get impulsive this week. You are likely to spend money and live a lavish, luxurious lifestyle. However, a strict budget would be the need of the hour. You should act with caution, or you may not be able to claim desired results. Hence, take the steps with a clear understanding and vision. Natives would be willing to put an end to a long-standing dispute.

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