Taurus Weekly Horoscope 25th September– 1st October 2022


Love and Relationships

Married couples may face some issues that can create a significant fight. People in love may be keen to get married, but you may need to wait for some time and get approval from their parents’ first. You may have to go through a challenging time in your life this week. Abortions are indicated this week, so men should be prudent and attentive to expectant mothers.


Moving into the next week, Taurus pals may face some disputes in their family due to miscommunication with them. Taurus natives may plan a trip with their kids and spouse. Things may start looking good on the financial front. The week is likely to be good for Taurus students who are appearing for competitive exams. You are likely to perform well in mock tests and final exams. You may have to settle down all the differences that have cropped up in your personal life. Things may get better after open communication. During this phase, your partner may support you, and they would be ready to accept your decision. Your children may get overwhelmed with your presence around. You may take your kids to their favourite destination and try to build fun-loving relations with them. You may invest more time in doing social activities. You may have a get-together with your colleagues. You may not only develop a good self-image but also make new friends in this phase. Single natives who are born with the Taurus sign may meet someone special to enter a new chapter of life. Besides, in your professional life, you may feel insecure about others. You may need guidance from seniors to maintain your position. Moving on, you may take a keen interest in spiritualism. You may join spiritual activities as well.


This week may bring a time to think of indulging yourself in something luxurious as you are doing very well with your finances, says your weekly predictions. Perhaps property dealing may be on your mind. If you plan to invest money in real estate, you may get good results, says your weekly horoscope. You can pamper yourself with self-care, too, as this may rejuvenate you.


This week will be good for employed people. Your luck will support you, there will be strong chances of progress and those doing business abroad will get benefit, but some difficulties may be faced in ordinary business, it may also happen that your business partner may be cheating with you. Don’t trust anyone blindly. Your partner may bring a new scheme, which will benefit him and you may have to face problems, take care of all the activities.The environment around you will be turbulent. Which will have a direct impact on your business.


Folks interested in an online course through a foreign institute may find the enrolment process completed. This means your efforts to seek admission may finally be rendered. Also, those looking for any foreign grants this week would be lucky as you may find them. Remain patient as your time is such that you would undoubtedly learn and complete the process on time, says your weekly horoscope.

The Week’s Overview

Individuals with the Taurus sign are likely to remain focused this week. You would be going through a phase where your emotions may create disturbances. This would be the main reason for your mental stress. You are advised to remain careful with your communication and dealings this week. Taurus natives may feel repressed anger, especially during the beginning of the week. This may take a toll on your mental health and well being. You are advised to stay calm and focused. Practising Yoga and meditation may help you calm your nerves. This week you may get a surprise visit from your old friend. This may make you more relaxed and sorted. The week is likely to bring more joy and happiness to your life during the second half. Your love interest may make you reveal true feelings. It would be time for you to express all you have in your heart. You may have secret feelings for someone you admire. Taurus natives who are married may discover new things about their spouses. This may bring freshness to your relationship. Your siblings are likely to be more supportive of you this week. They may contribute to creating memorable moments. Their support might bring some relief. This week you may find it hard to achieve your career goals despite working hard. The combination of planets in the career and profession house may give unfavourable results. However, this would be a temporary phase for you.

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