Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 2nd October – 8th October 2022


Love and Relationships

Many might give you a hard time thinking through when it comes to your relationship with your partner. If you are falling for someone, then think about your decisions before telling them. Ketu is in the house of love, so it is essential to take small steps with a cool mindset in love and relationship matters. People who are undergoing disputes might move on.


People suffering from heart issues should not ignore their health at any cost. Travelling too often may induce stress in your life. Some of you can suffer from Vitamin D deficiency which can put you in some trouble. Take some supplements as this would improve your joints and get you some improvement in your health and other areas of fitness.


It is a suitable week for speculative activities or long-term investments. You might be in a good position in terms of your wealth as well as finances. All your efforts in acquiring monetary gains might be successful. The government might approve your loan request. You might get money in the form of liquid assets. It is better to be aware of your expenses.


If you want to start new work or plan to make a huge investment in your profession, you should take small steps and be patient. There are strong chances that you may be uncertain of your decisions about your work. It is an auspicious time that might help you find success in the field of design. Government work that was on halt for some time might progress.


This month might trigger a lot of confusion in the form of distraction for the students born with this zodiac sign. Avoid spending too much time travelling or enjoying yourself with your friends. It is essential to keep steady hands in your pockets. Some of your friends might help you with study material. You may join a new academic course that might get recognised.

The Week’s Overview

Scorpio born natives may start a new week on a positive note. You may get back your confidence and courage to make crucial decisions. You may start taking a stand and represent your own perspective. You would be bold enough to take risks. Therefore, things may go as per your plan. Working natives may involve in more than one project. You may impress the new partners to work jointly. But, you may need to continue the same hard work throughout the week. That is how you may accomplish your monthly targets. However, you may need to take of relations with your colleagues as there would be disagreements. Moreover, you may be involved in legal disputes, so you need to handle things with care this week. Current planetary transit indicates some possibilities of change on the professional front. Those who are planning to change their jobs should consult a more experienced person. You should only make a decision after having a piece of advice from your parents or mentors. The placement of planets symbolizes that you may develop a career in politics. Business owners may make long trips, which may turn to be fruitful. You may invest more time with your friends and lend a helping hand in social activities. This may help you reduce your mental stress, and you may have new energy. All in all, it would be a favourable time to make career progress.

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