Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 25th September– 1st October 2022


Love and Relationships

This week will be full of happiness in love affairs. There are indications of your differences from time to time, but you understand the importance of true love and hence will be on good terms with your beloved character and despite this conflict, you will be able to convince them in the last days of the week. You can also go on a romantic date on the last sixth and seventh day of the week. Which will make love between you. The week is going to be good for married people, love and trust will increase in the relationship and romance will also increase. Which will be a good start for the relationship and both of you will be honest with each other.


If you have recently recovered from any health issue, you are likely to be a little more attentive, says your weekly health horoscope. Minor injuries are indicated this week, so be cautious while doing things. Make sure to be very wary of sharp implements, fire, and hot burners. Try consuming plenty of water to maintain the fluids in your body.


Financially, this week is going to be blasting for you. Business prospects look good, which can gain your income in ways you didn’t expect. Investigate all potential growth options and do not rule out any new business proposals as one of them is sure to be lucky for you, says your weekly finance predictions. If you are planning to invest, now is the time.


From a professional point of view, Venus being in the seventh house is a good sign. The presence of planets will reduce your mental stress, but you will get new directions in your business, you may try to make some changes in the business or the thought of doing some side business, this will affect the growth of the business for some time, but You will proceed by doing that which will be beneficial for you in future. Time is good for employed people, but do not quarrel with anyone without talking, it can harm you, pay attention to your work.


Time to take up studies seriously, mainly if appearing for any exam. Some extra learning of books or journals would be helpful. Working professionals would need to upgrade their skills. Take up learning as an improvement. This would be a demand and task to elevate yourself as this would not come quickly. Continuing learning and practising the same would enable you to gain knowledge.

The Week’s Overview

Sagittarius natives may find themselves amid a hectic week as there would be a higher expectation from your seniors. You may find some tough situations and may need to come out before it gets worse for you. Working individuals may soon find a new source of income. Financially, this may help you boost your money savings. Those who are married may make new friendships that would make them happy. They may even show religious inclination by participating in religious activities. Those couples who are in a long-term relationship may plan to enter a new stage. You and your partner may soon seek your parent’s approval. You may form fun-loving connections with your children. Your kids may demand more time from you. But, you should be careful while communicating with them. Your kids may have poor speaking skills, and this may make you disappointed. Businesspeople may soon go on a trip for new contracts. You are likely to indulge in making an important decision. You can expect a good profit via official meetings. Students with the Sagittarius sign may cause grief or anxiety for teachers in the coming period. Those who are in the profession of teacher may need to take care of relations with their students. Otherwise, it may spoil your well-developed image. Artists are likely to see new and good opportunities coming their way.

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