Pisces Weekly Horoscope 2nd October – 8th October 2022


Love and Relationships

Some of you may fall in love due to Venus transit, and some hidden relationships prosper. Marriage will be beneficial if you have a good time together because of Mercury transit. Try not to argue with your wife. Some of you may feel grumpy, so be modest with your partner. A Marriage proposal may come from a hometown. A married partnership might fail due to stress.


Stay your hand away from Junk food this week. Some digestion problems may trouble you. Aggression may not be good for your body. Stress might be there due to workload. Surround yourself with positive circumstances. Discomfort in sleeping may occur. Be in contact with nature as it will help you heal from inside and give you a comfortable sleep.


Travelling may bring you money this week. In terms of financial gain, the teacher’s roles may have heavy support. Financial gain from father will be there so you can ask him for help. Businessmen can expect financial gain. Moreover, research work and the implementation of new ideas may come with monetary perks. Even chances of increment are also there. Some foreign-related projects provide excellent returns.


Miscommunication in the family business may bring stress. Writers and independent professionals may get unexpected projects. Individuals who are in search of a Job can get sudden proposals. Those of you who were seeking the job might obtain a surprise proposal or employment as a freelancer. You could have a nice time and cash benefit from your company partner. Meeting with high authorities might offer ideas & projects.


Aggression and negative thinking this week may confuse your mind. Be determined with your study as it’s not a cakewalk scenario. Creative writing and education might bring you new opportunities to do well in academics. Learn a new language and skills, and it gives you the spotlight. Ignorance of study might play with your head. Expected recognition may not be there at the workplace.

The Week’s Overview

Natives who are holding the Pisces sign may create unforgettable memories with their loved ones. You are likely to spend a lovely time with them, which may give you happiness. Those who have spoiled relations with their relatives may get resolved. You may have a small get together with family. You may improve relations with your neighbours. On the financial front, you may earn an average profit as this phase would be unfavourable. This is not a suitable time to borrow money. Those who are willing to apply for a loan may face delays in getting approval. Hence, it is advisable to avoid taking a loan in this phase. Even you should refrain from borrowing money from a trusted person too. Those who are running a family business may see a downfall in their income. There could be miscommunication between you and your client. Natives who are connected with journalism or those who are self-employed may receive more works in their professionalism. In the matter of love and relationship, single natives may get proposals from the desired partner. Lovers who are madly in love may take their relationship to the next level, suggests transiting Venus. Furthermore, Mercury transit denotes that Married natives would have a perfect time to get into the cosy arms of their partner. You two should make a casual conversation to form strong bondings. Healthwise, you may have ups and downs. You are suggested to perform yoga and meditation this week.

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