Pisces Weekly Horoscope 25th September– 1st October 2022


Love and Relationships

The transit of Mercury may provide you with marriage success. This new connection gives your life a new turn and helps you be satisfied. Some of you may get into a hidden relationship that would be beneficial for your life. Old friend’s relationship proposal can be there. A married pair should look after their mood as stars indicate you should be cautious when talking to your spouse.


Talking about the health of the people of Pisces, then this week you may have problems related to your teeth and mouth. Mouth ulcers can cause trouble in the teeth, keep your stomach right and eat good food, avoid consuming garam masala or excessively oily chili outside things, otherwise your health may deteriorate. Your health will be very good except for 2 days from the beginning of the week.


Financially this week is going to give you happiness. Just try to move your work in the right direction and invest. You will benefit from it and can also make a new investment, but in which sector it would be good to invest, for this, you should take advice from the experts of the market, you will benefit. Your daily income will be good, due to which you will not have any special problem.


This week will bring good news for Aquarius sign people. You can get good money by investing in government schemes. People doing business will get good growth, due to which they will be able to pay off some of their loans easily. You will get full benefit of your contact. Employed people are seeing progress today. You will get relief from the problems going on in your career.You can plan a new investment, which will be beneficial for you, but you have to avoid sharing your personal things with anyone, otherwise they can take advantage of it. Small traders will be able to earn profit according to their mind.


Both solo study and group study might do good to you, not from people’s bad company. The planetary position may distract your concentration because of your group friend’s unfavourable ideas. Mercury’s transit suggests you follow your mentor and parents’ instructions and recommendations to attain your goal. You should study carefully and attempt to focus on your studies. Stay away from your casual attitude.

The Week’s Overview

Entering the next week, the individuals born with the Pisces sign may have a fair time. Students are likely to get average marks, whereas freshers may get new opportunities to make desired career progress. As far as your projects are concerned, maintain honesty with the efforts you put in and keep persevering to complete them in a timely manner. If possible, you should refrain from any spontaneous meeting. Instead, schedule it according to how much time you can afford, considering the workload you have. You need to be extremely careful when you communicate with your colleagues. You should be cautious while sending emails and messages. Next week seems to be a good week for those who are in love and relationship. Singles may get proposed in a sweet package of surprise. Those of you who recently got engaged may get some time to bond over communication. So, keep your conversation mindful and sensible. Married couples may take out some quality time to spend with their spouse. Monetarily, you may get some increment and anticipated returns. You may find an opportunity to earn extra money from voyaging or travelling. If you are in the field of teaching, you may get some great opportunities to increase your income. You may demand some money from your father. Those of you who are running businesses may get sudden monetary profit from past investments. In short, it would be a favourable phase for students. They may receive help from their elder siblings and friends.

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