Libra Weekly Horoscope 2nd October – 8th October 2022


Love and Relationships

The planetary situations suggest that you may stay cautious while shaping new relationships this week. There may be some confusing situations, specifically regarding love and intimate feelings. Do not reveal your cards at one go. During mid-week, you may feel somewhat disturbed. However, in the latter part of the week, some old relationships may get revived, bringing joy and happiness to your life.


During this week, favourable planetary movements might help you manage your health efficiently. You may expect to have soothing sensations and controlled stress levels. However, this week may still demand strict discipline. It may bring some fluctuations in your health around the middle of this week. However, your resistance might be good, and you might be able to manage well.


During this week, the sound financial flow may help you to empower your financial status. However, you need to keep a long-term view and increase your savings. You may make some mistakes and waste some good opportunities. However, you might rectify them and take corrective measures as well. The week may end on a positive note with your efficient money management and overcoming some financial hurdles.


Your strong action-oriented plans may lift your career to the next level of progress. Your confident actions might bring good results, and you may find a higher elevation in your career. People in business need to keep a close watch on their competitors during this week. However, there might be better net profit. Planetary movements seem favourable to strike good, profitable deals during the middle part of this week.


During this week, your planetary position for your education is going to bless you, and there might not be any major problems in your studies. There might be some major positive changes as you are likely to get some really good opportunities to showcase your talents. Your performance might improve, and you might be rewarded for the same. Channelise yourself in the right direction.

The Week’s Overview

Individuals with the sign of Libra may have a progressive week ahead. Some of your colleagues and associates may bother you. As a result, you may indulge in small fights with them. You are advised not to get distracted and remain focused on your work. Those who are in business are advised not to take any major decisions during this time. You may gain from being patient and waiting before you take any such calls. Mid-week onwards, you may establish your position financially. You may have planetary support, and therefore, it would be easy for you to reach your financial goals. Some unplanned expenses may come along, especially during the weekend. But, you may need to stick to your long term goals. Some of you may get call ups from your old friends. This may bring about joyful and happy moments in your life. The latter part of the week is likely to come with a positive twist in your relationships. There would be some wonderful moments to enjoy with your partner during the weekend. It might bring both of you closer to one another. This week could be a blessing in disguise for the ones who are single and willing to mingle. Meeting with some interesting people is likely to bring diverse perspectives to your life. Married natives may find their partner going through some tough situations. Healthwise, you may need to take some early precautions, or else you may fall prey to bad health.

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