Libra Weekly Horoscope 25th September– 1st October 2022


Love and Relationships

You might face disruptions at the beginning of the week with no clear direction for your relationships. You might also feel lonely at times, but you may relax and take a rest and let your inner voice direct you. Planetary positions may favour you to clear the doubts from your might. You may be able to rectify the situations to strengthen the rapport with your beloved ones.


You might follow a good healthy lifestyle during this week. The period might remain good for health as well as improvement in past ailments. There are no major health issues envisaged this week. However, you might feel some uneasiness during the ending phase of this week. You may need to stay calm, cool and keep your stress under control.


During this week, some good earning opportunities may boost your saving potential. You may find some good opportunities to enhance your financial strength around the middle of the week. You may not seek opportunities for borrowing and lending money. You may not make ambitious moves for rapid growth, particularly during the latter part of this week, to avoid facing any burden on your financial budget.


Positivity might prevail on your career path during this week. However, during the middle of this week, you might face some challenges due to a lack of support from seniors. People in business may face hurdles and hence should not make any deals in a hurry during this week. You need to keep yourself motivated, and hard work is the only way to pass all these hurdles successfully.


You may have strong planetary support to strengthen your performance this week. Your productivity and performance might be excellent, and hence you can earn a better place and appreciation. There might be some hurdles during the latter part of this week, but you might manage them efficiently. The week may also remain progressive for you if you are planning to join a course abroad.

The Week’s Overview

Natives who are connected with the Libra sign may maintain their pink health. Job professionals who are working at their optimal best may need respite this week. You may need to complete your sleep to improve your performance. Your attention might be divided into many fronts. The week may support you with efficiency and enthusiasm. You are likely to perform efficiently in your workplace. There would be conspiracies doing the rounds in your workplace. So, you should be aware of your hidden enemies. Those natives who are in the business field are likely to do excellently this week. Your output levels are likely to be satisfactory. You could meet all your deadlines and targets. Your team members may find some reason to rejoice and celebrate. Libra natives would be doing well in their financial dealings. You could take the suggestion of your financial advisor when it comes to making investments. By doing so, you may earn desired profit. The latter part of the week may come with excellent opportunities for growth and development for the Libra-bound aspirants. You may take out some time to complete your hobbies. You may discover new ways for income sources. This may give you a boost to your financial plan, and you may have smooth cash flows. Your hard work, commitment and dedication may help you reap benefits. In the love life, those who are single may plan to enter the marriage phase. You may soon lookout for a caring life partner.

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