Leo Weekly Horoscope 25th September– 1st October 2022


Love and Relationships

For Leo people, this week will be very good in terms of love. At the beginning of the week in your zodiac, the love and respect for each other will increase due to the Moon. Now you will be very happy and that is why you will go somewhere with your beloved and try your best to give life full of romance. Due to this your relationship will improve and the life of married people will also be good. You will be happy in spite of differences.


Health may come in with great support for you this whole week. Further, if there is any problem in your life regarding the diseases from past injuries, you need to start being firm and taking care of it. You may begin to reign in good and favourable results during the end of the week. Physical abilities may stay perfectly fine this well.


Your horoscope this week is amicably great in terms of finances. It might enable your chances to improve gains and thus, focus on the profits. Also, you might have many things to gain, as, during the latter half of the week, you might see the occurrences of the benefits you have retained. However, you need to be careful of the investments you make.


In all the forms of activities related to your career, you may have a stroke of great luck in your court this week. More specifically, if you’re planning to enter into a new venture, you may continue to thrive forward. However, if you see some normal results for some period of the week, you must not worry as this time may pass sooner than expected.


With starry sunshine and a positive vibe this week, start learning something new. Be involved in preparing subjects and earning high-quality success. Moreover, the latter part of the week seems to have been a great week of success. It is predicted that your week may have a positive approach as you appreciate your gains and enhance your competitive spirits throughout the week.

The Week’s Overview

Leo natives would be looking for more rejuvenation for their minds this week. They may feel bored with the monotony. The week is expected to bring more surprises for you. So, you should remain calm and far away from the negativity. Lions are likely to remain strong, steadfast and committed towards the choices they make, especially when it comes to their career. You would be excited to take on a new path. You should make a decision after a long consultation with your parents. You are likely to stick to it come what may. This approach of yours is likely to bring more success to you. You may come across as someone who is bold and confident. However, you may have some doubts and questions on your business front. But, you may turn the tables and find the right answers soon. Hence, getting anxious may only bother you more. Your business is likely to remain stable. However, your plans of expansion may need to be postponed this week. Leo natives who are married might be planning for the next steps in their lives. Female natives are advised to take care of their health as you may have to visit a doctor. You may meet with certain minor accidents and hazards. You are advised to remain careful while driving as well. You need to be more careful while expanding your internal circle. You may need to understand people and their feelings for you.

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