Instagram Video Stats that you need to know in 2022

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Instagram can be considered one of the most interesting social media platforms. Instagram always comes up with interesting new features which create huge excitement among its users. Instagram also keeps on bringing new updates for its existing features which makes them more user-friendly. One such feature is Instagram Videos, Instagram launched its videos feature as IGTV videos on June 20, 2018. Instagram IGTV videos gained popularity quickly. 

In 2020 Instagram came up with its latest and most popular update, Instagram reels. Instagram reels were launched with the main aim to tackle the growing popularity of Tik-Tok (earlier known as musically). Instagram reels gained popularity even more quickly than IGTV. Whether you are a brand, influencer, or just a user trying to become an influencer, you should have knowledge about Instagram’s Statics about videos. Instagram videos when used effectively can bring great views and engagement to your page.

Instagram has always been one of the most interesting social media platforms, if you want to know more about the Instagram video stats in 2022 then you should read further.

IGTV Statistics

IGTV episodes are recommended as one of the best features to use for marketing and advertising. According to the latest Statistics report it’s found that IGTV videos have been used at least once for marketing purposes by 77% of digital marketers. Instagram IGTV videos can also be shared much more effectively than other posts. Sharing IGTV videos through default sharing or via your stories is one of the best ways to attract more and more people to engage with your videos.

2× Comments

The latest Statistics say that an average Instagram video generates 2 times more comments than an average feed post. According to the latest studies, an average Instagram user is more interested in watching a video on Instagram than reading a post. Latest studies suggest that around 88% of users on the internet are more interested in browsing websites that have video content than normal images. According to the prediction of experts, in 2022 an average Instagram user will spend around 90 minutes a day watching videos online.

Purchases on Instagram

Instagram videos can help brands and marketers provide a detailed feature of their products on the platform, they can reach people 2 times more effective than an image post. Statistics suggest that Instagram videos are more effective in winning people’s trust as more than 30% of people have bought the products that they first saw in some video on the platform. 

On Instagram, around 200 million accounts are owned by businesses that people visit after short intervals.

Strategy for Marketing on Instagram

Marketers on Instagram have understood the working of IGTV videos and are using them quite effectively. According to studies, an average Instagram video has much more views than any other kind of post on Instagram as Instagram offers you different types of video content such as IGTV, reels, stories, and usual video posts. Latest studies suggest that 58% of marketers on the platform have included Instagram videos in their marketing strategy. 

Swipe up on Stories

Instagram is widely popular all around the world. Every corner of the world that has access to the internet has access to Instagram too. Instagram’s popularity is a very important factor for the market as due to this factor around 90% of the businesses in the world are on Instagram. The latest stats have revealed that every 7 out of 10 users have swiped up on an advertisement story which directly leads the users to the business page. Instagram lets you add the swipe-up feature to your story after your profile has reached the count of 10,000 followers on the platform. 

Preference of Marketers

According to the latest Statistics, Instagram videos get around 48% more attention than any other average post on the platform. On average 16% of people on Instagram do research on video content before buying a product online. People’s trust is the most important factor when it comes to selling your products which is why 17% of brands use live videos in their marketing strategy to make people trust them.

If we talk about the popularity of videos then YouTube videos come first at 88%, Facebook videos at 76%, LinkedIn videos at around 66%, and Instagram videos at 65%. Due to the popularity of Instagram videos, a lot of Insta Video Downloaders have entered into the market.


In 2022 Instagram video statistics shows that videos have a huge effect on the platform, videos of different categories like IGTV (long videos) and reels (1-minute videos) are differently preferred by the people and also by the platform itself. 

It’s observed that Instagram story videos are watched by 60% of the users with sounds and around 40% of the users create a video story daily. Video posts on the platform have 2 times more engagement than a usual photo post. Instagram-sponsored videos are 2 times more likely to get engagement in comments than photos.

As per the latest Instagram video statistics, it’s clear that videos have a lot more preference on the app than any other kind of posts.

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