How to stay inspired during difficult times?


Instagram forces us to watch perfection everywhere we scroll. We tend to question ourselves, and that’s a feeling that no one should visit. There’s no denying that we’ve had an incredibly tough past few years. New world problems like job layoffs, uncertainty in the economy, social isolation, and identity crisis seem to envelop the world. It’s understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed or even lost. But when external circumstances and scenarios seem bleak, and your patience is wearing thin, what keeps you going? Here is how you can stay inspired even in this phase.

Before finding inspiration, you’ve to find peace. To find peace, take time to understand what you’re experiencing and feeling. If you’re having spontaneous emotional reactions that are not normal to you, like anxiety or angry outbursts, take some time to feel the feelings. Don’t be scared to express or cry about what you feel. If you can, pen it down. It’s incredible how writing down your worries makes them more effortless.

As you all know, humans are, by essence, social creatures – in the past, we needed each other to improve the change for survival and for the strength that comes from coexistence and cooperation. So, being with others is a highly soothing experience on a primal neurological level, creating a sense of confidence and safety. Socialize and have deep conversations. Engaging in small talk generates feelings of happiness, but deep and meaningful conversations produce more. Research suggests that the most joyful people have twice as many substantive conversations and engage in much less small talk than the saddest.

Next, visualize a successful outcome. Daydreaming is not that bad. Remember your mission and live it in your head before you live it in real. Break down big and scary challenges. Celebrate small victories. Don’t waste time comparing yourself. Remind yourself that you’ve crushed problems before: You’ve faced life’s storm.

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