How to Charter a Private Jet

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Chartering a Private Jet 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Chartering a private jet has become the new norm for travel-loving people. Flying in a private plane gives you the extra bit of class and freedom that adds to its charm. It has long been the status symbol for wealthy and powerful individuals and a pinnacle of lavish livelihood. Although chartering a private jet isn’t normally something ordinary people think they can afford, it is slowly growing in popularity. If you need to do a business trip or go on a holiday tour with your family, chartering a private jet gives you the liberty to plan out your entire itinerary without having the headache of catching scheduled flights. You can contact the private jet charter companies and ask for their rates to find the cheapest option and book a jet according to your travel requirements. 

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A private jet – Free photo from Pixabay

What Are the Things You Need to Know When Chartering A Private Jet?

In today’s world, many people consider it possible to hire a private jet as a safe and relaxed travel option when visiting their favorite holiday destinations. However, to do so, you need to know how to charter a private jet. Let’s have a look at how you do that.

#1 Find the Aircraft That Best Suits Your Needs

Upon contacting any private jet charter companies, you will be provided with a range of aircraft based on the requirements you specified. There are many private charter companies, but you need to find the one that provides you with an aircraft that fulfills all your needs.
A man stepping out of a private jet - Free photo from Pixabay.jpg

A man stepping out of a private jet – Free photo from Pixabay

Do not always go for the cheapest option. It might not be the best solution. Chartering a private jet may require a bit of financial outlay, which is why you need to ensure you get all that you desire. When booking your jet, keep these points in mind:

  • Passenger Capacity – This defines the type of jet you need. Mostly, all turboprops and heavy jets can accommodate 4 to 18 passengers. 
  • Luggage Space – It will play a big role when selecting your jet. If you have large luggage items, you may need a large jet. Some models cannot accommodate more than 2 pieces of luggage, so be aware of this when selecting your jet. Inform your private jet broker beforehand of the amount and size of the luggage you wish to take. 
  • Direct or Indirect Flight – When choosing a jet, your travel distance also plays a vital role. For extremely long distances, a small jet will need to stop at intermediate points to refuel from time to time. If you wish to avoid that, you can opt for a large jet that can carry a lot more fuel to cover the distance. Moreover, large jets are usually furnished with sofa beds where you can take a nap if you are tired. 
  • Destination Airport – If you are traveling to any remote location, there might be an issue with smaller airports with shorter runways, so keep this as something to consider as well. 

#2 Booking and Paying Your Chartered Flight

Now that you have consulted with a private jet broker and decided on the type of aircraft you need, it’s time to actually book it. If you are hiring a private aircraft for the first time, it may seem somewhat daunting, but you will get used to the convenience and comfort soon enough.
A private jet waiting to be boarded - Free photo from Pixabay.jpg

A private jet waiting to be boarded – Free photo from Pixabay

There are two ways to book a private jet. First, you can charter it from a private jet operator. They are the ones who keep and manage a fleet of jets. Second, you can do it through the broker. Although you can book a charter flight directly, hiring it through brokers helps you in the following ways:

  • Discounts – Brokers usually have a good relationship with the operators and hence can often book a jet at a discounted price. Brokers book private jets in large volumes; hence it gives them leverage in setting the price and offering you a good deal.
  • Crew Record – Besides having your aircraft’s safety standards checked, brokers can also help select a likable crew. Since they often have long-standing relationships with jet owners, brokers usually have a record of the individual crew personalities, including the pilots, and can select these to suit your perfect crew. Therefore, you get added security and safety when booking through a broker. 

#3 Scheduling Your Trip

Keep your private jet broker well informed about your trip, including your eating preferences and crew requirements – whether you want to have a cabin attendant or not. 

Always carry all your necessary travel documents with you. Check if your passport and visa are still valid for travel. Private jets are ticket-free; hence you don’t need to go through the hassle of standing in long queues to get yourself checked and scrutinized before you board the plane, so you will only need to carry your travel itinerary with you.


Private jets offer much more freedom and flexibility, especially when you want to make the most of your travel, which is why the demand for private charter jets is growing with each passing year.  

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