Gemini Weekly Horoscope 25th September– 1st October 2022


Love and Relationships

Overall, this week is going to be good. Widowers/divorced people may get remarried. You are advised to offer creative gifts to your partner for the spark in your love life. A practical approach may dry up your romance. You are advised to avoid aggression and egoism. Married people may have a good time. You may get marriage proposals. You may have happy news related to childbirth/pregnancy.


Your health is going to be fine this week. Indigestion or heat in the stomach can cause problems. You need to pay attention to what you eat and drink, this will keep you healthy. If you adopt Ayurvedic medicine, keep taking it regularly, then you will get relief from many problems. You will benefit in health. You may face problems in travel this week.


This week will be mixed financially, because other expenses going on in the house will come down and you also understand how to limit the expenses. You can also get new sources of income. A dear friend of yours will come up with some kind of new investment scheme. You can invest in it, you will get profit from it, income will increase. Do not invest for long term, avoid making big investments.


Career-wise, this week is good. Success with a new job or current project may happen. Your dedication and diligence may be recognised. An engineering career may be successful. Clearing your current backlog is advised before taking up new work. You are advised to be ready for sudden workload or change in plans. Avoidance of false commitment and clarity regarding the rules of the new project is advised.


Learning at school may benefit you. Your parents, especially the mother’s, guidance can help you achieve your educational goals this week. Significant changes to your mindset may influence your future, so start studying now, work hard, and strive for success. This week might fulfil your expectations. Government-related exams or professions in law may offer success. Studying abroad may be possible.

The Week’s Overview

Natives who are carrying the Gemini sign are advised to remain careful of their finances. You might incur some unplanned expenses this week. Natives may host a small get together in their family this week. You are likely to spend some time making a deeper connection with yourself. You may find interest in exploring nature. You are advised to remain attentive towards your financial planning. There might be certain expenses in this regard, which may impact your monthly budget. At the same time, natives are advised to remain vigilant of their health. You may indulge yourself in food and frolic. Also, unmindful drinking & dining can bear serious consequences upon your fitness levels. It would be time for you to connect with yourself to find a deeper purpose in your life. Business owners may are likely to plan for business expansion. You may find unplanned expenses in this domain. New projects and responsibilities may come your way. So, you must prepare for the same. However, the projects may require analysis before execution. Job professionals may avail an opportunity to travel to a foreign land for the beginning of the new project works. These professional workers may get positive results in their professional life. Your efforts are likely to be recognized by your senior management teams. There would be a shift in your job profile. In terms of relationships, this week may give you favourable outcomes.

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