Gemini Weekly Horoscope 23rd October – 29th October 2022


Love and Relationships

Keeping your promises is integral for love and married life. You are advised not to expect, command, or demand your partner and evolve to adapt to changes in a relationship. As miscommunication may cause distance, spending quality time with your partner or spouse is advised. Your ex-partner may make an unexpected proposal. Divorcees can get some relief this week. A get-together with in-laws may happen.


Eye pain may occur. A routine checkup is advised. Proper diet, rest, exercise, and meditation are also suggested. Further, you are recommended to refrain from working during lunch or dinner, take your time when you’re eating, and avoid eating outside, as weak immunity may cause health issues. You are advised to be mindful of your mental health because stress might create health difficulties.


You are advised to prepare a budget and make small investments and avoid any loans. Unexpected renovations and health complications may happen this week. The communication business may be profitable this week. Long-distance travel, friends and parties, religious activities, and new occult science courses may cause expenditure. You may have gains in the wholesale business, new research projects, and investment in medical work this week.


The creative or gemstone businessmen may not get desired results. As there might be a workload, you must work on the priority list to keep things organised. You may gain help from female colleagues. Avoiding disagreement with a business partner is advised. Wholesalers may get good deals. Occult careers may be successful. Independent professionals may succeed in their projects with good client support this week.


You are advised to avoid bad company and think positively and persevere continuously to improve your skills. Medical students are advised to research. There may be an opportunity to study or research abroad. You may also develop an interest in occult science or programming languages with success. If you are scared or stressed about an exam, you are advised to prepare in small steps.

The Week’s Overview

Gemini individuals may find relief as their pending task may get resolved. So if you have piles of files or projects to finish, get to it with full vigour. Formulate a clear plan as to how you will deal with the possible workload. Do meditation regularly which may make it easier to handle any challenges coming your way. Individuals holding the Gemini sign are advised to entail a more positive approach towards work. Your health may demand your attention, so it’s better to take care of your eating habits. Avoid dining out and make your meals more nutritious. Or else, you may face unexpected medical issues due to weak immunity. Hence, take steps to add value to your overall well-being. Next week, you could be a part of a small trip or you may take part in the excursion organized by your educational institution. These trips or programs may give you a wider perspective and insights regarding education. Students would be inclined to dive into creative pursuits such as learning music or creative writing. Couples are advised to spend quality time with each other. You should plan some getaways or go on trips together. All these efforts may help you to rejuvenate your love or marital life. On the financial front, this phase is not suitable for borrowing or applying for loans. Loan borrowers may get a delay in getting approval. You may need to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly. There would be unplanned expenditure on renovations at the weekends. You may also need to spend unexpectedly on some medical issues. Those who are connected with communication business are likely to earn monetary gains.

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