For a Successful 2023, Get an Early Start on Your New Year’s Resolutions

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The fourth quarter of the year is well underway, and that means the holiday season is nearly upon us. For many businesses, in fact, it’s already here – retailers started their holiday sales earlier than ever this year. In short, 2023 is going to be here before you know it.

When a year draws to a close, many people begin to think about their new year’s resolutions and about the things they’d like to change and improve the following year. If you’ve already begun to think about those things, this is the article for you. Many people fail to keep their new year’s resolutions, and one of the biggest reasons for that is because the things that they want to change simply aren’t that easy to accomplish. If quitting smoking or losing weight was really that easy, you probably would have done it long ago instead of waiting for the new year to make a resolution.

Here’s the thing about new year’s resolutions: They’re almost always big, difficult things that people want to put off doing. Saying that you’ll do something as a new year’s resolution makes it sound less scary – at least until the new year finally arrives. When it does arrive, the resolution suddenly seems big and scary again – and ultimately, you don’t follow through with it.

In this article, we’re going to present a different way of thinking about your new year’s resolutions. Instead of pretending that you’re going to make a major change in your life when the new year arrives – and ultimately, failing to do so – stop thinking of it as such a big thing and start making the change now.

How can you get started? In this article, we’re going to provide some very simple and actionable ways to help you succeed at four of the most common new year’s resolutions.

Quitting Smoking

If you’re a smoker, you probably tell yourself just about every year that you’re going to quit as a new year’s resolution. Quitting smoking, however, is something that most people find extraordinarily difficult to do. That’s why the market for nicotine replacement products has a total value of over $44 billion annually.

Over the past several years, though, the market for smoking cessation products changed dramatically with the introduction of uwell caliburn vaping. That’s the way to make quitting easy: Grab a vape kit from a reputable seller like V2 Cigs. The major difference between vaping and other smoking cessation products is that you inhale the nicotine – and that makes the experience dramatically more satisfying. Switching to vaping is by far the easiest way to quit smoking, and many millions of people around the world have done it already.

Saving Money

It would be a great thing to have more money than you could ever need, but most of us aren’t so lucky and must manage our finances carefully. Don’t allow yourself to believe the fallacy that you’ll start putting more money away as soon as you get that big raise at work. The fact is that people generally don’t increase their savings when they receive raises – they just start spending more.

The best way to save money is by spending less – and if you examine your expenditures, you’ll probably find two very simple opportunities for doing that.

  • Stop spending so much money on convenience products. Cook your own meals or pick food up instead of having it delivered. Get a reusable water bottle and a good water filter instead of buying bottled water. Use cloth napkins instead of paper towels.
  • Cancel memberships that you aren’t using. Do you need to pay for cable Internet service when you’re also paying for unlimited cellular data? Is it really necessary to pay for three different video streaming services that offer the same content aside from one or two exclusives?

Losing Weight

Don’t ever let anyone sell you on a fad diet. There is one completely reliable and foolproof way to lose weight, and that is by eating less and exercising more. We’ll discuss the exercise part of this equation at greater length momentarily – but for now, we’ll just talk about the calorie intake. The reason why so many people try to lose weight and fail is because weight loss is a very slow process. You eat somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 calories per day, but there are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat. You can’t exactly subtract 3,500 calories from your daily diet – in fact, the most weight that you can expect to lose while remaining healthy is around a pound per week.

Don’t try to make the weight loss process faster by living on carrots and celery. That’s only going to leave you feeling miserable. You’re not going to get that perfect body in a month, so focus on making sustainable lifestyle changes that add up to a big change over time. Here are some easy substitutions that allow you to reduce your calorie intake without feeling as though you’re making a major sacrifice.

  • Drink hard seltzer instead of beer or wine.
  • Drink carbonated water instead of sweetened soda.
  • Eat smaller portions of meat and larger portions of vegetables.
  • Start meals with salad instead of bread.

Feeling Healthier

Everyone would like to age as gracefully as possible and maximize their energy and endurance levels. Those things will happen naturally as you lose weight, which as we mentioned is a simple matter of eating less and exercising more. The great thing about becoming more active, in fact, is that you’ll start feeling healthier almost right away. Losing weight might be a slow process – but getting to the point where you feel healthier and more energetic doesn’t have to be slow at all.

Increasing your level of activity doesn’t require you to start a strenuous workout regimen. Instead, simply look for easy ways to get your body moving. Go outside and toss a baseball around with your kids. Park in the far end of the lot when you go to the supermarket. Take the stairs to your office instead of riding the elevator. You’ll be surprised how quickly those little changes will begin to add up. You’ll feel dramatically healthier, and that will encourage you to become even more active.

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