Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 2nd October – 8th October 2022


Love and Relationships

The love horoscope indicates an interesting week ahead. You might fall in love and find the courage to communicate your feelings. Your horoscope’s minute detail also predicts professional achievement for your partner in their workplace. Rahu’s transit through the house of love and romance may cause you to be perplexed about your romantic life. This week would support the development of your relationship, allowing your life to run more smoothly.


You may be tempted to put money into the family business, but the consequences would not be favourable. According to the health horoscope, students should take care of their health and relax during this time. Get away from a stressful environment and take a break from your hectic schedule. People with high blood pressure or skin problems need to pay extra attention to their health.


If you are facing financial difficulties, try to settle the dispute on your own using your experience and wisdom. This week might be favourable for individuals looking to make long-term investments. Recognise the importance of financial stability and, where necessary, seek advice from superiors and experts. You would be happy to spend money on your children’s and spouse well-being. Heritage property could help you to build wealth.


The majority of natives of this sign might receive interesting overseas offers, increasing their exposure in their sector. However, do not become overwhelmed with the quality of the work, and wait for the results of your efforts. There could be a challenging issue at work which would require you to maintain a calm and patient attitude. The week is not suitable for any business-related activities. So take a break.


Most children may be puzzled or distracted, but your commitment to achieving your objectives might benefit you in various ways. Fresh graduates who want to attend international colleges or universities may be successful if they focus on competitive tests. If you are unsure about your career or academic options, seek professional guidance from your seniors who could really lead you in the right direction.

The Week’s Overview

For Capricorn natives, Saturn may make you feel the burns intensively. You may feel exasperated and upset more than usual, about which you may think almost every day wondering when will this end. You should calmly deal with your egoist nature. Otherwise, this could be one of the reasons for upheaval at the workplace. Saturn may demand a ton of hard work, assurance and, essentially, tests your perseverance, teaching you important life lessons.You may need to pull up your best efforts and work hard to move ahead in life. Your workload may increase, or work pressure may soar up due to several reasons. Avoid giving in to your anger and find out peaceful ways to deal with any situation. You should maintain a cordial relationship with your coworkers and seniors at the office, or else you may land in trouble. Some of you may get the blessings of Venus in your professional life.Travelling could be on the cards, suggests the transiting Sun, Venus, and Mercury. You may find yourself voyaging for the purpose of work or personal responsibilities. Some of you may go on a short vacation, but you should be careful of your money expenditure. Financial stress may hit you a bit, not in a good way this time. Thinking straight and being mindful of your expenses may help you in this situation.You should refrain from making any unreasonable choices pushed by your ego or over-confidence. You never know what’s ahead, so cultivate humility instead of feeding your egoism.

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