Cancer Weekly Horoscope 2nd October– 8th October 2022


Love and Relationships

Your love life may be disrupted this week. You may still be annoyed by one or more issues. But expect better planetary support later in the week. You may also feel more secure this week. It may clear your mind and help you manage the relationship better. The period may bring you peace and joy. A romantic weekend with your partner may bring romance and passion.


During the ensuing period, your overall health may be relatively safe. Patients with chronic conditions like rheumatism or digestive issues like excess wind and flatulence may find great relief and a break with minimal care. There may be some signs of liver trouble, especially if it’s recurrent, but this would be minor, and a liver tonic would prevent any problems.


This week may progress and call for restraint and wisdom. You may seem to get more opportunities. Your efforts may bear fruits by mid-week. It would also bring some joy and bliss to the weekend. There are hints that you may spend money on your family and give expensive gifts. This weekend, you may get back your outstanding money, which may add to your joy.


This week’s planetary forces may be mostly in your favour allowing you to be at par with your deadlines at work. Unless something major happens, you are going to be fine this week. Some heated arguments with your friends in the midweek may bother you. But your strong performance may help you grow. Planets may force you to be more disciplined in business, which may help you build a strong foundation for future growth.


According to your weekly horoscope, the Sun rules education and academic career. Students may make academic gains and maybe intensely attentive. Those who have been struggling may regain momentum. Before making any educational decision, you are advised to seek the guidance of teachers/parents. The Sun might make you egoistic or self-absorbed, but you must let go of your ego and accept valuable advice.

The Week’s Overview

Cancer natives are likely to earn success in academics this week. Cancer students pursuing Engineering, Science or Management courses may get an opportunity to make remarkable progress. The week is suitable for those who are keen to develop their financial reservoir. Cancer natives may have their own philosophical thinking. Also, you may have a practical approach. However, at times, you may get more idealistic in the coming phase. This week you may have to make certain personal decisions on the family front especially. Your children may demand your time and attention. You may need to make their decisions regarding their academics. They may find it tough to cope up with the current flow of studies. Hence, they may need your guidance. Your parents may plan to make a spiritual journey this week. At the same time, your work would be overflowing with many pending tasks. Natives would be required to take care of them on an urgent basis. You may have disagreements with your colleagues in your work. However, before committing to anything, you should think twice. This may support you in making the right decisions. There is likely to be some excitement in store for you this week as you may have a reunion with your old friends. You may recreate fun-loving memories with them. You may take part in the small celebration or may plan for a get-together.

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