Cancer Weekly Horoscope 25th September– 1st October 2022

Love and Relationships

This week you may have a blissful private life. Sensible communication with your beloved may sort out issues. If you are in a dedicated relationship, this time may be wonderful. You may expect the intimacy and bond to deepen with your beloved and help you understand your relationship and social dynamics. If you are not in a relationship, this may be an excellent time to start.


Health-wise, there is little planetary support, so you are advised to take health matters into your own hands. You may be plagued by cough, cold, and bronchitis, and some prompt medical attention is advised. You are advised to be careful about your liver, especially if you have a history, and a liver tonic might be of great help as a precaution.


Financially this week will be mixed. There will be some big expenses, this can also give you stress. Will happily buy such a thing that will make you happy but the expenses will increase, so keep a little calm and buy only what is necessary. By doing this you will not have to face financial constraints and you will be able to make yourself strong, income will be normal this week. You will need to keep an eye on expenses.


Your erratic behaviour may cause issues this week. You may likely face new challenges and may need to work hard to achieve your goals. Your knowledge and analysis may help you solve the issues. You may have planetary support later this week, but your laid-back attitude may prevent you from reaching your full potential. For business people, this week may help you resolve issues and perform well.


There may be good progress in academics and studies for the Aquarians. Students taking higher education might be able to touch new highs. This is due to the blessings of Sun, Mercury, and Venus placed in the House of Higher Education. Those preparing for competitive exams are likely to succeed in the long term. Don’t be overconfident and stay grounded. Focus on your studies.

The Week’s Overview

Individuals with Cancer signs would be motivated to work hard to achieve their professional goals. This week is likely to be good for you as there would be peace and harmony in your personal life. You and your partner may organize a small get-together with your close ones. Job seekers, too, can have a new workplace during this phase. Professional workers may get a nod to put their ideas into action. Not only approval, but you may also get recognition for your work. Some of you may add creativity to your ongoing work. You may receive multiple project assignments. So, forming balance in the profession would be quite difficult for the Cancerians. Besides, you may need to offer time to your spouse as well. Your partner may have higher demands that you may need to fulfil. It would be a suitable phase to get together under the covers. However, you should refrain from daring to assert your opinions on your partner. Single natives may get swept off their feet by someone they meet this week. And therefore, you may soon begin a new chapter of your life. In the mid-week, you may become sensitive and emotionally attached to your close ones. Slowly, you would be able to form a balance in your busy life. In short, you may have a moderate time this week.

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