Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 2nd October – 8th October 2022


Love and Relationships

Avoid negative feelings. You may be a little rude to your partner because of a misunderstanding. Try to be friendlier to let the smoothness prevail. It is important to have a balanced approach with your partner. Married couples may not be able to give enough time to their spouses due to their job and work schedules. If you are single, don’t plan any proposal this week.


Aquarius may enjoy a good level of fitness during this week. This might enable you to adore the time both mentally and physically. Stick to a healthy diet. Do not eat junk and fast foods. If you are planning to lose some kilos, be regular with your exercise routine. Pregnant women need to be especially careful as miscarriages are indicated.


You could enjoy financial liberty and solidity. You may be able to exercise control over your finances. This may be an auspicious time for making investments in the speculative segments. If you wish to make changes in how you spend money, you should start doing it now. This week might bring luck to those dealing in export and import. Decorous progress is indicated.


You may be able to achieve great results for your hard work during this time. The week could be fruitful. Aquarius natives might be in a strong position on the work front, suggests your stars. New job opportunities are on the way for job seekers. According to your weekly predictions, if you are in a private company may get you the much-awaited recognition, promotion, and increment.


Students keeping an attitude of delaying things may face the consequences of that directly on their grades. Those planning to travel abroad may not get through for higher education. There are chances of getting good grades or ranks in competitive exams. Students of management may get a good job opportunity. Take up your studies seriously as this would enable you to improve your knowledge.

The Week’s Overview

Natives with the Aquarius sign would be busy chasing their never-ending ambitions. You may have professional fame and power, but if you lose quality time with your kids, they could be on the wrong path. Those natives who are married may have differences with their spouses. It is suggested to keep the maternal side of yours alive. You may soon realize your inner strength to achieve impossible dreams. You may realize what you were missing once you start spending some quality time with your children. They may demand more love from you and make you spend more time with them. In professional life, you would be self-motivated to work hard in the office. Your seniors or bosses may find you very dependable and reliable in terms of work. You would be driven to put in all your efforts without much rest. You may feel exhausted most of the time after long hours of work. You are advised to maintain your personal life and work-life. Someone, out of spite, may attempt to embarrass you unnecessarily. But, you should not get distracted from your life goals. You should keep working hard to achieve your goals. You may notice a major transformation in you or change in many circumstances. You may need to take a break from your usual routine. So, you may decide to go for a vacation to refresh your mood. During this phase, you may find it hard to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life. You would be calmly handling your social responsibilities. In this process, you may make a few good contacts, as well.

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