Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 25th September– 1st October 2022

Love and Relationships

Love is in the air for you. You are likely to be more passionate with your partner. This might facilitate you to be delighted and in harmony with your spouse. Close bonds and feelings of affection may be seen with your partner. This week can be very promising for couples waiting for their wedding dates to get finalised. Your partner would support you wholeheartedly.


Aquarius may find themselves in the pinkest of their health. You could have great levels of energy and enthusiasm. If you are a sportsperson, it may be crucial for you to balance your practice and rest. Some of you may suffer from shoulder and back pain. Pregnant women should be careful with their meals and medication.


You have to be more careful in handling money. You might have some financial loss which could make you a little worried. Your progress concerning money matters may get better with each passing day. You could increase your bank balance only if you make the right financial decision. This week might be great for making money through speculative deals. High profits are expected from them.


This week would turn out to be well-heeled for your professional life. Your self-confidence level might upsurge, and you could be filled with joy. Taking professional decisions could be good for you and your work life and even better if you amend some important matters. You can celebrate and make the best use of your existing opportunities. You may gain confidence and strong support from your bosses.


There may be good progress in academics and studies for the Aquarians. Students taking higher education might be able to touch new highs. This is due to the blessings of Sun, Mercury, and Venus placed in the House of Higher Education. Those preparing for competitive exams are likely to succeed in the long term. Don’t be overconfident and stay grounded. Focus on your studies.

The Week’s Overview

This week, Aquarius individuals may shift focus on their financial goals. You may try to cut down on your unnecessary expenses to get financial stability. Regarding this, you should act with caution. Moving on, you should keep an eye on your money-savings schemes too. You should be very vigilant about your family’s health. Some of you may go through stress due to your parents’ illness. You may need to provide proper medical attention to them. You should not take chances even if the health concern looks minor. In love and relationships, singles may find someone who can fill the void of their life partner. You should make efforts to make the relationship more stable and beautiful. You may have a pleasant time with your relatives and friends. They may support you in some areas, which would lead to a stable foundation for your future. You should always remember to back them up during their hard times. This feeling of care and mutual respect may build a stronger relationship with them. In your general dealing with people, logic may get you the desired things. But, your communication and approach could matter a lot. So, you may need to improve your communication skills. Aquarius students may have an opportunity to study far away from home. Students may need to be diligent and creative in their studies. Get into deep research of the subjects you have as this may make them quite fun to learn. The coming phase may teach you how to handle life challenges when you are solely responsible for them.

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