Who will win the F1 title this year

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The 2021 F1 season gazed upon intense drama, hot-blooded battle and a straight fight between

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. A combat between the two reigning stars for the 2021 title-deciding Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. A feud between Red Bull and Mercedes ebbed throughout the 2021 season; the dynamics eventually shifted in the wheel-to-wheel racing. A thrilling season, indeed, with a controversial finish and no competition against the two contenders. What is making so much noise on the internet at present? Bovada review, Champions League 2022 and, of course, the Formula One World Championship!

Fans were excitedly booing, and Verstappen dethroned Hamilton only to crown the title officially in the final lap proudly. The gripping competition caught both drivers locked on the same number of points, and the title chase was a rare one seen for the first time since 1974.

All lights on the Formula 1 2022! 10 teams, 20 players, a bumper calendar of action and a rip-roaring race. Fans around the world are praying about what’s going to brew this season. Our experts are out with their bold predictions and hot takes. Let’s find out.

F1 2022: Who will win the title?

After the sensational season of F1 2021, our writer brings you the possible permutations of what you can expect. The F1 season is at the halfway mark, and we are out with our predictions, betting odds and realistic upshots. While teams are playing coy about their pace, here’s an early pecking order to give you the first taste. Let’s delve into what’s cooking.

  • Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are sure to create headlines. No prizes for guessing!
  • Red Bull, AlphaTauri, McLaren and Alpine to change their line-up for 2023.
  • The F1 2021 season saw eight teams manage a podium, and anticipation of all ten to reach the rostrum at least once is floating.
  • The see-saw battle looks most likely between Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari.
  • Max Verstappen brilliantly manages the 2021 campaign, with his victory leaving everyone stumped. However, he topped the timesheets on the last day in Bahrain. With almost six races remaining at present, Verstappen holds a 109-lead over Charles Leclerc.
  • Although Russia has dropped off, F1 can certainly operate under nerve-wracking conditions, giving more room for the Kannapolis team to take a solid step forward.
  • A bold forecast involving three people. Lando Norris, George Russell and Carlos Sainz will keep their co-players on their mettle, joining the Grand Prix winners list.

F1 2022 season factsheet

The 2022 Formula 1 World Championship is underway, but how much do you know about it? Here are some facts for someone who’s just joined the game-changing race.

  • The cost cap implodes to $140m for 2022 from $145m allowed in 2021.
  • The nominated venues are Bahrain, Imola, Montreal, Red Bull Ring, Zandvoort and Interlagos.
  • Formula 1 hosts its largest calendar in 2022 and has induced massive technical regulations.
  • Permitted testing has been curtailed depending on the team’s championship placing in 2021.
  • Some provisional returns of Canadian, Singapore, Australian and the Japanese Grands Prix make way.

F1 2022 is heading to its tightest finish. Let’s hold our horses and thumping curiosity. Who are we betting on? The big daddies in the game – Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris

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