Who is Graham Potter, and what will he bring to Chelsea?         

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The new English Premier League (EPL) season is not long underway and already there have been some shocks and surprises.

One of those is the sacking of Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel following an inconsistent start. In his stead, Chelsea appointed Brighton and Hove Albion manager Graham Potter — another shocking move.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at who Graham Potter is and what he could bring to his new Chelsea team. We’ll also look deeper into the reasons behind Chelsea’s decision to sign Potter.

But first, let’s look at the EPL in more detail.

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Who is Graham Potter?

Graham Potter is a relatively new name in the world of football management.

Before Potter took over Brighton, he spent a year managing Swansea City. Prior to that, he spent eight years managing Östersunds FK in Sweden.

Potter’s first job in the EPL was with Brighton and Hove Albion. He took them over in 2019 and in his first season they finished 15th. The year after he led them to a 16th place finish.

Despite two unremarkable years, in Potter’s third year at the helm things began to change. He led Brighton to a ninth place finish, and the team turned in a number of impressive performances.

Potter’s style of play began to take hold with the Brighton players. He likes to play attacking possession-based football which fans find exciting to watch.

Brighton’s start to this season impressed many people too. In the first few games, they beat Manchester United at Old Trafford and scored five points against Leicester while beating West Ham too.

Some have suggested that Potter’s unconventional and forward-thinking approach to coaching has contributed to his success. For example, he encourages players to engage in community activities which push them out of their comfort zones.

Why did Chelsea hire him?

Chelsea spent a lot of money in the summer on new players. Their new owners have big expectations as a result.

Their fans and many football analysts also backed them as favorites to win the EPL too.

However, Chelsea struggled to find their form from the get-go. Despite beating a strikerless Everton away from home on the first day of the season, they tied at home to Tottenham in their second game, which many believed they had to win to prove themselves as contenders.

They sowed more doubt in people’s minds when they played Leeds in their next game and were torn apart, suffering a big loss.

Despite that stuttering start though, Chelsea bounced back and beat Leicester 2-1. However, on the road again they lost to Southampton 2-1, another game they should have won.

Once again, however, Chelsea responded under Tuchel with an important win over West Ham. But that hard work came undone in the Champions League when they were beaten by minnows Dinamo Zagreb.

The Chelsea owners had enough and sent Tuchel packing. It was then that they came looking for Potter, who was quick to accept the biggest job opportunity of his life.

That move didn’t come cheap for Chelsea, however. It’s reported that they paid a total of around £20m to sign Potter and his backroom staff on a 5-year contract.

It will take time for Potter to find his best team and adapt to a new environment, but with patience, he has an opportunity to build a strong force in the EPL.

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