From the beginning of 2022 up to now, there have been hundreds of thousands of letters from Vietnamese people around the world, of all genders, all ages, and religions, including intellectuals, farmers, laborers, merchants, and the military, especially, the petition of members of the Provisional National Government of Vietnam (PNGVN), the comrades of the New Vietnamese Democracy, worldwide have been sent to the IMPERIAL DUKE DAO MINH QUAN to ask Him to be crowned Emperor. They believe this will make a significant change to the current dire situation in Vietnam.

 After 77 years of draconian rule by the so-called “Socialist Regime”, they have come to realize that these communist rulers are just puppets, minions of the CCP, completely disobedient to the rights and interests of the people of Vietnam.

This so-called “government” is not elected by the people, but is directed by a Chinese invasion conspiracy through a spy named Ho Chi Minh who pretended to be Vietnamese to impose communist atheism on their country. Most people support the PNGVN, founded by three (3) generations of Vietnamese in 1990 in the United States, under the leadership of IMPERIAL DUKE DAO MINH QUAN. From 2017 until now, more than 11 million Vietnamese people have elected Him as the President of the Republic of Vietnam, the Third, through a digital referendum system to replace the current communist regime in Vietnam.

IMPERIAL DUKE DAO MINH QUAN is the orthodox descendant of ROYAL HIGHNESS TRAN QUOC TUAN, the National Hero who defeated the Mongol army three times. He is a former soldier, ARVN lieutenant, and commander of the famous Black Tiger unit in the years 1972-1975 in the tactical zone I, the Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos border. He was the man who broke out of communist shackles to build a career and achieved much success in the United States in the 1980s.

They believe that He is the representative of the indomitable spirit, resilience, love of justice, peace, benevolence, and loving spirit of the Vietnamese people. Although He is overseas, He is the soul of Vietnam, gathered from the sacred souls of the National spirit, the nation’s thousand-year-old spirit is shining. That bright light is shining all over the world and has shone inland, into the deep forests, far away mountains, into distant countryside.

For more than 30 years of leading the PNGVN, to confront the communists, He has achieved outstanding achievements such as the Declaration of New Democracy Era in 1987; unmasked Ho Chi Minh at UNESCO in 1989; nullification of the Chengdu Secret Treaty between Chinese Communists and Vietnamese Communists in 1990 by establishing the PNGVN; reviving the Republic of Vietnam regime in 2018. Most especially, on April 14th, 2021, at the International Environmental Court, according to Judgment Award No. ENC201215, His Holiness won over the Chinese Communist Party in a USD 38 trillion lawsuit for their crimes of war, destruction of the environment, and genocide of humanity. 5 oligarchs and 1 million Vietnamese Communist Party Members involved in crimes must jointly compensate Him with USD 20 billion each. President Dao was also invited by the International Environmental Court to serve as Commander-in-Chief of the International Environmental Marshal.

The Petition emphasizes that: Due to the current emergency, their country cannot be left in enemy hands much longer. Once people can’t take it anymore, they will explode. Without a unified leadership, the situation will worsen, leading to more trauma to the nation, as well as insecurity in the region and around the world. The house must have a roof, just as the Kingdom must have a wise and righteous Emperor at the head.

IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT DAO MINH QUAN, with his achievements as well as his political position in the international arena, is the only person who can make a difference for Vietnam. Most Vietnamese people believe that: After being crowned as Emperor, President Dao will have more posture and strength to lead the country according to national traditions, uphold the cultural, moral, and National sovereignty; gathers the true heroes of Vietnam all over the world, who share the same duty and responsibility to liberate the country from invaders with proud revolutionary ideas, then contribute and join hands with world to form a global government.

IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT DAO MINH QUAN, with his achievements as well as his political position in the international arena, is the only person who can make a difference for Vietnam. By accepting the coronation as Emperor, he has more posture and strength to lead the country according to national tradition, maintain the cultural roots, morality, and national sovereignty; gather the true heroes of Vietnam around the world who share the duty, the responsibility of liberating the country from the invaders with a proud ideological revolution, participating in the world, and together creating a Government for the World.

Although IMPERIAL DUKE DAO MINH QUAN expressed disapproval, the Vietnamese people and military persisted in petitioning. They hope that on the occasion of the Inaugural Ceremony of the Hexagon Monument on 11.11.2022, His Holiness will accept their public petition in front of Generals, Delegates, Military Officers, and International Guests, to be crowned Emperor. They hope this can bring Vietnam complete victory, reopening the pages of the nation’s indomitable, heroic, and immortal history, for Victory Day in their Motherland of Vietnam.

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