Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 11th September– 17th September 2022


Love and Relationships

Give enough ground to your partner to clarify their behaviour. Try to Stop fighting for small and unimportant topics. Communication should be handled very carefully with your partner. Irritating behaviour or harsh words may spoil the harmony in the relationship. If you are single and waiting to meet a partner of your choice, online portals can be of very good help, say your weekly love predictions.


If you plan to lose weight, the best time to start is from this week. If you are suffering from any health issue, you should see a doctor before it gets too late. Kids are advised to stay cautious with their outdoor activities. This is the week where your diet would be more focused and refined to improve your fitness.


This week may bring some challenges to your financial life. Avoid investing in anything new. Your previous investments may give you some money back. Now, only the desire to be financially successful may bring you positive results. Perseverance would enable you to achieve your set goals. If you are working as a businessman, you may have to be cautious at making the long-awaited business deals.


This week may be a new beginning for your career opportunities and challenges. If your business has been faltering a bit recently and the idea of gaining stability through a partnership has been playing on your mind. Do not hesitate in going ahead if the person is someone you trust, as benefits would be good. You can try to pursue this option, as it may bring stability.


An ideal week to share your loving and affectionate feelings with your partner, as this week brings an auspicious time for lovers. This week you would have to be careful of gaining some knowledge that would infuse additional skills in you. The accumulated knowledge would give you an edge over others. Hence increase the knowledge. This is the time where your knowledge may become a true asset in you. Put the use of this asset in the right direction, the proper purpose, and the right way.

The Week’s Overview

Sagittarius pals may need to deal with the tough situation moving into the next week. You may need to sharpen your speaking abilities. You should have casual talks so that you may come out of such a situation. You may have emotional blow-ups that may only create unending problems. So, you may prepare yourself to face any situation calmly. Showing sympathy towards your near and dear ones may not harm your image. Women may have a favourable week in regards to their personal and professional life. You may find yourself more appreciated by others as you would be the centre of attraction. Working individuals who are planning to make changes in ongoing projects are advised to put them on hold. This could be because of an unfavourable time approaching this week. You may have your own philosophical thinking that may assist you in making personal decisions. You may get relieved from the extra workload and stress piling on you. You may need to make a decision carefully, so you may concern the senior person at your office. Otherwise, it may create confusion, and your work may not progress seamlessly. Healthwise, you may need to be cautious. Your previous health issues may take longer to recover, but you may slowly come out of them. Overall, the Sagittarius horoscope predicts an average week ahead.

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