Rikishi Biography: Debut, Feuds and Hall of Fame Career

Rikishi joined WWE in 1992. He later became a heel and feuded with John Cena. He was also part of the Too Cool group. He is known to sit on a wrestler’s face and fart on it. Yes, this is the wrestling universe. Find out about his career here. In addition to WWE, Rikishi was also involved in other projects.

Rikishi joined the WWE in 1992

Fatu Rikishi is a Samoan wrestler. He debuted in 1985 with International Wrestling, in Montreal, Canada. Before becoming Rikishi, he was known as Alofa the Polynesian Prince. He joined the Samoan Swat Team with his cousin Samu, and they competed in a number of different promotions. In 1992, they joined the WWE and were renamed The Headshrinkers. In 1994, Fatu and Samu left WWE, and in 1995 they joined the Hulk Hogan organization.

In 1992, Rikishi made his WWE debut as a singles wrestler, becoming a popular figure in the company. His gimmick consisted of being a positive role model for street kids. He promoted staying in school and not doing drugs. His appearance on Superstars helped him win a number of matches against enhancement talent. However, this character didn’t meet with much success with the fans, and Rikishi had a brief return to Raw in January 2004.

His brother Samu and cousin Samu also wrestled for the WWE. He has five children: Joshua Samuel wrestles for the WWE as Jey Uso, Jonathan Solofa as Jimmy Uso, and Thavana Monalisa for NXT 2.0. Rikishi is part of the Anoa’i wrestling family, along with Samu and Eddie Fatu.

Rikishi was once known as Rikishi Phatu, but he dropped his last name when he gained more partners. Eventually, Rikishi joined the tag team called Too Cool. The team grew to be one of the biggest acts in the WWF during the Attitude Era, and the group entertained sold-out crowds with their post-match dance moves. In addition to his gimmicks, Rikishi was also known for his trademark Stink Face move.

Rikishi’s early career in the WWE included a number of televised matches. He competed against a number of stars in various roles, including Triple H and Christian. He had a number of memorable matches, including defeating the former World Champion Kurt Angle.

He was a heel in the 2000s

In the early 2000s, Rikishi teamed up with Haku, and became a tag team, but his success was short-lived after Rikishi was injured. After his return, Rikishi returned to a babyface role. He gave Stephanie McMahon the Stink Face on the May 14, 2001 episode of Raw. Although he was a heel for the majority of his WWE career, Rikishi did win two Tag Team Championships with Scotty 2 Hotty.

He debuted on a show called WWF Jakked on the Saturday before Survivor Series in 1999. In the same year, he faced Stone Cold Steve Austin at No Mercy. Rikishi was involved in the confrontation, but Austin was arrested after he brutally attacked him. Rikishi also interfered with Austin’s WWF Championship defense against Kurt Angle and claimed that Austin had run over him.

Rikishi was known as the “Iron Sheik” or Laughably Evil in his early days. He was also a member of the Samoan Dynasty and sometimes teamed with Too Cool. He sometimes spelled his last name as “Fatu” or “Phatu,” or both.

Rikishi has a long and varied career in the WWE. He is currently a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and is a beloved babyface. However, he was never able to reach the heights he reached during his 2000s run. His character was damaged, but he was able to recover.

Rikishi has faced many different wrestlers during his career. He has fought The Big Bossman, The Edge, and the Big Show. In addition, Rikishi has defeated Too Cool and Kane.

He feuded with John Cena

In the early days of WWE, Rikishi and John Cena were rivals. Their rivalry lasted for about six months. However, as monthly pay-per-views took over, the feud has been short-lived. Despite the lack of action, the feud was still quite entertaining and helped establish both men in the WWE.

In addition to feuding with each other, the two were involved in a series of brawls. They even fought in the parking lot with weapons from parked cars. But this feud ended when Cena became the United States Champion.

After John Cena’s first push, Rikishi was able to stop his opponent from hitting him with a stomp. This made Rikishi a popular face in the WWE. However, the Great Khali eventually stole his belt and pinned him in the Saturday Night Main Event. Later, Rikishi feuded with Rusev. The two wrestled at four different PPVs in just two months. John Cena won three of those matches.

In the late 2002, Rikishi did not feature much on the main roster. He had feuded with John Cena on SmackDown and with Bill DeMott on Piper’s Pit. Then, at Backlash 2003, Rikishi was defeated by Sean O’Haire with the Widowmaker. Rikishi also became a member of the “SmackDown” tag team with Scotty 2 Hotty. This team won the WWE Tag Team Championship. They later lost the tag team championship to Charlie Haas and Rico.

Rikishi was also a rival in the World Wrestling Federation. He once challenged Triple H for the Intercontinental championship. He later feuded with The Rock during his feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rikishi was accused of running over Austin, but Austin denied it. The Rock claimed that Rikishi had run Austin over in order to help him, but Rikishi later faced Austin head-on.

He was a member of the Too Cool group

In the early 2000s, Rikishi was a member of the popular Too Cool group in WWE. This group was made up of several members who were already established in the company. Rikishi was a big man from Samoa who had worked as a wrestler for a number of years before joining Too Cool.

The Too Cool group consisted of Rikishi, Brian Christopher, and Scotty 2 Hotty. The team first competed as a tag team in the WWE’s Attitude Era. They were the first team to be a part of the WWE’s tag team division, and they made a huge impact in the industry.

Rikishi’s gimmick was “Stink Face,” a move where he would plant his buttocks on the face of his opponent. This move was one of his trademark moves and was used on many WWE superstars.

Rikishi debuted in the WWF as a member of the Too Cool group. In 2001, he and Rico defeated Billy and Chuck to win the WWF Tag Team Championships. After that, Rikishi began appearing on the SmackDown! brand, and in 2004 formed a tag team with Scotty 2 Hotty. The team went on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. After losing the tag team title, Rikishi was released from the company. However, Scotty was retained by the company and remained with them until May 15, 2007.

Rikishi made sporadic appearances in WWE over the years. He even made a stink face during a segment during The Undertaker’s retirement speech. He is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and occasionally makes appearances on the independent circuit.

He was a judge on the “Wall Of The World”

Former WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi is one of 50 judges on “The World’s Best.” He is a member of the “Wall of the World,” a panel of 50 different expert judges from around the world who help weigh the votes of the featured talent. The panel includes former UFC champion Anderson Silva, Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill, RuPaul Charles and more.

He is 54 years old and lives in Poinciana, Florida. He has a height of six feet and one inch and weighs approximately four hundred and twenty-five pounds. He competed in the WWF as a wrestler under the name “Rikishi” and won the WWE Tag Team Championship on February 5, 2004, on SmackDown. He held the title for two and a half months before losing it to Charlie Haas and Rico on April 22, 2004. On July 22, 2019, he made his final WWE appearance, during the RAW Reunion show. He is a Samoan and has a twin brother, Sam Fatu.

Rikishi is a Samoan-American professional wrestler. He is best known by the ring name Rikishi, which means sumo wrestler in Japanese. He was a one-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and two-time World Tag Team Champion. He is a member of the Anoai family and attended Balboa High School in San Francisco, California.

Rikishi is a WWE Hall of Fame inductee. He also helped induct Yokozuna, his cousin. Rikishi’s involvement in the WWE Hall of Fame was not without controversy. He was accused of a runover incident involving Stone Cold Steve Austin. He later claimed that the incident was to help his cousin, The Rock, star in the WWF. Haha, no that was a storyline.

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