Poker NFTs: Things You Should Know

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A year ago, non-fungible tokens were virtually unheard of by those not actively involved in the crypto community. Now, it seems as if they’re everywhere.

One of the latest trends in this sector is poker NFTs. The World Poker Tour, in partnership with GAMAVRS, has recently created the Poker Heroes Club. At the same time, the Crypto Holdem NFT is another new development for fans of the classic casino game. Here’s everything you need to know about this new craze.

Poker NFTs: Things You Should Know

What are NFTs?


NFTs are unique and indivisible digital assets. They can be exchanged for other unique tokens and cannot be divided into smaller parts. In most cases, they represent digital goods such as a virtual item in a game or a piece of digital artwork.

These items can be traded and sold just like any other digital item in actual money, but they don’t have any utility outside of being an investment or a collectible. That said, some video game NFTs can be used in the game, although you’ll never be able to hold your NFT physically.

They are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and some sell for considerable sums. Artists and collectors can buy and sell their NFTs to turn a profit, and they have risen exponentially in popularity over recent years.

There are many types of NFTs

The most popular NFT is a type of digital artwork, like PFPs (profile pictures) or avatars. In fact, that’s what springs to mind when most people think of the term ‘non-fungible token.’

However, when it comes to NFTs, the sky is the limit.

Video-game items have become increasingly popular in recent years; some have sold for thousands of dollars. There are a few types of items you might come across in this area – from skins to pieces of land in your favorite game’s metaverse.

Memes are another form of non-fungible token that have gone viral recently—memes are like old-school jokes but with modern social media hashtags attached.

NFTs in poker


NFTs are also now applied to poker, and it’s a game changer. As yet, there aren’t too many applications of these digital collectibles in the poker world, but the projects we’ve seen so far are exciting and are sure to appeal to those involved in both the crypto and gambling communities.

Poker Heroes Club

Poker Heroes Club, a project by the World Series of Poker, allows players to take part in online tournaments and use their NFT avatar to represent themselves when playing at the table. It’s part of the Polygon blockchain, and it’s hoped that users will soon be able to play poker using their funds from their crypto wallets, too.

WSOP partnered with GAMAVRS on this project, a company that recently sold another poker NFT. It featured what’s said to be the most ‘legendary bluff in poker history,’ and it sold for a cool 40 ETH ($117,000 at the time).

Crypto Holdem NFT

This has got to be one of the best NFTs to buy right now if you’re into poker. It’s part of an online poker game, and the NFT takes the form of ‘hands’ in the game that players can compete with to win prizes in monthly tournaments.

The price varies from 0.20 to 0.65 ETH, and there are over 9000 Crypto Holdem NFTs up for grabs. So be sure to act fast if you want to be involved in this exciting new project!

What’s the future of NFTs?


NFTs are here to stay. They’re a hot topic in the gaming world right now, particularly because of their use in card games like poker. In addition to being used as currency within these games (to buy items such as cards or chips), players can also sell them on secondary markets.

Since NFTs have been around for less than 2 years – most recently appearing in online poker rooms – there isn’t too much research on how they affect the game or what kind of effects they might have on human behavior when playing.

Final Thoughts

NFTs are an exciting new frontier in the gaming world. They have the potential to open up new opportunities for developers and players alike, allowing them to create unique experiences that were not previously possible with traditional poker chips or cards.

The best part about these tokens is that they can be used in any game that uses chips or tokens. So if you’re looking for something different from your standard poker game night, why not try out some new games with NFTs?

These digital collectibles are only set to rise in popularity, with more and more collections being released all the time. Watch this space! 

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