Libra Weekly Horoscope 11th September– 17th September 2022


Love and Relationships

This week might be suitable for your love, and if you are waiting for an answer from your partner, you may most likely get it this week. You may not miss this opportunity and keep trying to impress someone special. However, do not make any impulsive decisions in following this person. Stars may favour you taking a committed relationship to the next level during this week.


Health will be somewhat soft this week. Women may have some problems this week, but you have to correct them after consulting a doctor. Do not take any home remedies. Some problems like stomach ache, burning sensation in the body and body ache etc. can trouble you. You include healthy food in your diet, so that you can get rid of the weakness in your body, only then your health will improve.


You may find some promising opportunities to boost your earnings with additional sources of income. By mid-week, the position of stars might further favour you in strengthening your financial position. You might have the opportunity to make investments this week which might give you high returns. Your stars may also support you to invest in the real estate sector, so let everything go with the flow.


The favourable planetary influences may help you to keep performing efficiently during this week. You might achieve more than your targets which might help you to enhance your reputation and prospects in your pursuits. However, you may need to take extra care while making important decisions during the mid-week. By the end of the week, you may find excellent growth opportunities that might help you to succeed.


There may be good progress in academics and studies for the Libra. Students taking higher education might be able to touch new highs. This is due to the blessings of Sun, Mercury, and Venus placed in the House of Higher Education. Those preparing for competitive exams are likely to succeed in the long term. Don’t be overconfident and stay grounded. Focus on your studies.

The Week’s Overview

Individuals born under the sign of Libra may find themselves a bit busy in their love life. You may go on long drives, dinners or watch some sitcoms together. This may help you form strong bondings between you two. For the natives who are single, you are advised to keep an optimistic approach as happy times are likely to follow you. Your health may remain stable, but you may get lazy and ignore checking your fitness levels. The week may open with some stiff challenges, but you may hold your ground firmly. You are likely to encounter an opportunity for growth and development. In terms of career and profession, you are likely to shift your jobs along with your role. Planets are positioned favourably for the ones who are in business. Hence, you are likely to walk on the road to success this week. The natives who are working from home may enhance their creativity. This may inspire you to take up more projects and work more efficiently. Planetary positions this week could be supportive for you to increase your income. However, you are advised to remain careful of the financial transactions as the latter part of the week may be unfavourable for financial matters. You should refrain from making any decisions in a hurry. You should think about an aspect of the situation before you make a final call. Overall, it would be the perfect time in personal life, while professional life may pose challenges.

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