Importance of the blog in an SEO strategy

A business blog is a marketing method that every company should have; it offers multiple advantages such as:

  • Position the brand in search engines.
  • Increase traffic to the website.
  • Establish bonds of trust and loyalty with followers.
  • Get more customers.

Sure ways to write quality content

For the profits to be maximized, use technology’s benefits to write quality content on the company blog.

It does not matter what branch is in or how big or small the business is, much less if it is physical or online; having a website allows users to find us. Having a page “with all the irons” also implies having an SEO Blogs because it will generate more traffic to the web and create a better online reputation.

But it is not about writing; it must be of quality, contribute something to the reader, and consider the interests of the target audience to offer them relevant information. In the same way, it is vital that publish periodically to give a current image to the web page and arouse more and more interest in users.

Up to this point, everything is going well. But there is an inescapable truth: They often have no idea what topics to address. So, for us to write quality content on a business blog, it is necessary to:

Review the most popular blogs in the market niche

The first step for the an SEO blog to work is to validate the ideas. One of the ways to achieve this is to check if the idea in mind is in the limelight, or better yet if it is in trend; this way can materialize with a firm step in the intention of writing about something. It is valid to check other portals, social networks and others to know what topics can work for us.

Read blog comments and get ideas from there

Believe it or not, among the comments that users spontaneously make and can find topics to write quality content on SEO Blogs.

How? If, for example, have a hotel or inn in a tourist place, perhaps someone will comment on the blog that the facilities and services of the business are very good; but that they would have liked to find a guide to know the most attractive surroundings.

Do an interview and upload the video in a post

Interviews are always interesting, especially if documented in a short video. But beware! What is discussed there must hook the user from beginning to end to ensure constructive criticism or that later they see, read or listen to what publish.

Write about events, films or videos.

Why? Since it is an interesting and original way of capturing the public’s attention and can take the opportunity to choose some of these options that refer to the workshop topics.

Best Practices

  • Find One Main Keyword for Each Post.
  • Every SEO Blogs created should be optimized for a particular keyword.
  • If multiple keywords are used when optimizing the post, Google and other search engines will be confused. They don’t understand the genuine focus of the work.


The optimization of the post should concentrate on the long-tail keyword that has just been found. Using the term excessively on the page is not mandatory. The practice is known as “keyword stuffing.” Before SEO, keyword stuffing worked well. However, it may do more harm than good in the modern world.

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