Finding Gifts for Men That Are Picky

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Finding gifts for men is never easy, especially if the recipient seems to have everything he may want. In this list, we go over the best gifts you can possibly to a picky man. Even if you don’t find something that fits your man’s needs, we’re sure you’ll find inspiration for coming up with the perfect gift. Read on!

Good Travel Earbuds

If the recipient likes music and traveling, you can’t go wrong with a nice pair of earbuds. Buy ones that have long-lasting battery life and excellent sound quality. Make sure they also look stylish for him. The earbuds should also be compatible with his devices. Otherwise, he won’t use it. You can find more similar gifts when you go to

Portable Speakers

Apart from earbuds, men who love music also appreciate excellent speakers, especially portable ones. Buy a portable speaker that they can pair with their devices and bring anywhere for everyone to enjoy their music taste.

Portable speakers come in many sizes and shapes. But choose ones that are waterproof and can be attached to shower walls. Some men like silly designs, so if the recipient has a favorite anime, movie, TV program, or meme, try to find a speaker in that design. Otherwise, pick a stylish and compact speaker.


If your man likes fixing and assembling stuff, then you can go wrong with a power tool set. Tool sets often include:

  • A hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Cutters
  • Measuring tools
  • Level
  • Wrenches

But you also go ahead and buy him a multi-tool, such as a Swiss army knife. Even if he already has one, who’s to say that all tools within the multi-took work well? In any case, he’ll be using it to repair and assemble stuff. 

A MasterClass Subscription

If you know the recipient wants to learn a new skill or dig deeper into a new hobby, then a MasterClass subscription is the perfect gift. For the unacquainted, MasterClass is an e-learning service where famous people present a series of lectures in video format. They talk about their methods, secret tricks, and tips.

If he loves books and reads Neil Gaiman, he’s in for a blast. He can listen to David Lynch discuss filmmaking. Watching MasterClass together can also be an excellent bonding method if you have similar learning interests.

A Weekender Bag

 If the recipient often travels and stays at a friend’s house or goes to the gym on a daily basis, then a custom weekender bag is a must-have. Find a bag with multiple pockets that can hold plenty of personal belongings. The bag should also look stylish and not too bulky.

Some vendors offer to customize the bags with the owner’s recipient — that can also make your recipient happy. If you want, when you give the bag to him, throw in a new shirt or other things inside the bag as an extra gift.


Men are forgetful creatures — if the recipient often asks you where he put something, then Apple AirTags are for him. They’re powerful and useful for locating oft-misplaced items, such as wallets and keys through the Find My app. This product will save both of you from the unnecessary headache of searching for small lost items.

Personal Fireplace or Firepit

If you want to give him something to warm him up during chilly nights, then a personal bonfire is a great gift. It’s like a candle, but it’s a small fireplace — it’s safe to burn and adds a cozy ambiance to any room.

If you want to give him something bigger that he can use in his backyard, then a smokeless firepit is a great idea. This is like a personal fireplace, but bigger and suitable for the backyard, where he can spend a chilly night looking at the firepit and thinking about you or other things. Some products have removable ash pans, too.

Anti-Aging Cream

If the recipient is conscious about how he looks and wants to look fresh and young all the time, then a revitalizing anti-aging cream is the perfect gift. Of course, you’ll have to know his skin type and whether or not he’s already using another product.

You should also test the cream — you don’t want him to suffer allergies to unsuitable creams. Nonetheless, good anti-aging creams remove crow’s feet, fine lines, and other signs of aging. If you can pull this gift off, he’ll come back to you to know where you bought the product.

Personalized Charging Station

If your man is tech savvy and often finds himself looking for his charger, then a personalized charging station is what he needs. You can throw in a personalized charging stand for good measure.

This gift is thoughtful and practical, and he’ll always remember you when he charges his phone and other gadgets. On top of that, he can use the station to keep small items such as keys and cards. Personalizing the station with his name or initials will always be a great idea.

A Growler-Keg Combo

If your man likes beer and drinking it straight from the tap, then a growler-keg product will blow his mind away. It’s what the name suggests: it’s a growler that’s also a keg where he can drink beer from a tap.

Products like these abound online — you just have to search expertly for ones that have great insulation and quality. The growler-keg can keep his beer colder for a longer period, and he can use the faucet to pour the perfect pint.

A Digital Picture Frame

This sentimental gift is something everyone would love and appreciate. Before giving it to him, you can preload the digital picture frame with your fun and memorable pictures. Who knows, it might even make him shed some tears.

Find one that has unlimited memory and offers stunning image quality. Some products also offer to load videos and not just pictures. It’s perfect if you’re celebrating your anniversary or another special event.

An Airfryer

This is perfect if your man loves to cook but has limited time. Air fryers are truly convenient when he wants to cook something delicious quickly. They can cook crispy food without oil. Find a fryer that has a nonstick interior and doesn’t require preheating — he’ll love you for it.

As a bonus, you can give him a gift card for services that deliver ready-to-cook meals so can try his air fry cooking skills.

Grill Set

Another product for the foodies out there, a grill set is possibly the best (and most expensive) gift you give to a man. It’s perfect if he loves smoking, grilling, searing, baking, roasting, and more.

Grill sets nowadays have smart features, too. Many of such grills have smart digital tools that he can control using his smartphone. They heat quickly and have a temperature gauge, along with a meat thermometer. If you’re craving tasty home-cooked meat, this is the best gift you can ever find.

A Projector

If you love watching movies with him (and he likes it, too), then a projector is the most practical gift for him. They come in pocket-sized options that offer huge displays and crisp picture quality.

Find one that connects with consoles, computers, cable boxes, and HDMI cables to project anything you want. All you need now is a blank wall and a nice seat or bed in front of it.

A Leather Jacket

Who doesn’t look cool in a leather jacket? If your man is into fashion and likes to flex his guns and build, then this is perfect. It’s also a nice piece of clothing for cooler days.

Of course, you don’t have to buy real leather jackets if they’re too expensive for your budget. Faux leather coats and jackets abound on Amazon and other online shops; you just have to search thoroughly to get the quality you want.

If you’re a couple, you can even buy one for yourself and look cool when you go out at night to party or relax at the park.

Infinity Gauntlet (or Other Superhero Merch)

More likely than not, the recipient of your gift has a favorite superhero. Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s success, superhero merch — from search to lifesize toys and costumes — is all the craze now.

You can buy him Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet, Thor’s Mjolnir, or Cap’s shield. You can buy him a Batman shirt, or a Superman costume if he likes cosplaying. This also goes for anime lovers. You can have fun with it, too, by buying matching costumes. If you have kids, this can be a whole family affair.

Gaming Console

Another big ticket item on this list but oh-so-worth-it, gaming consoles are always in demand among boys and men. Regardless of how picky he is, he can never say no to a brand-new console.

Go the distance and buy him new games that you know he’s been craving to play. A lot of new releases come out every quarter. It’s even better if you’re a gamer yourself. Gaming can be another ultimate bonding activity for the two of you.

If gaming consoles are a bit much for your budget, buying him a piece of tech he needs to upgrade his gaming setup will also blow him away.

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