CardFunder App: The Ultimate Solution for Unused Gifts

Are you a supporter of social causes? Want to donate money but are not able to do so? Then no need to wait any longer. We are here to help you find a way to support the causes that you think are important from your point of view.

Many of us must have had gift cards, but eventually, they remain unused. Not only the card but the money within it also gets wasted. The CardFunder App solves this problem.

Founded by Russ Howard, CardFunder helps money to be donated in the form of gift cards so that gift cards won’t go wasted anymore. The clarity of the app makes it easy to increase awareness among the community to approach donors with gift cards anywhere in the United States.

Institutions like Schools, Colleges, Universities, Churches, etc., or any other non-profit organizations can benefit from this mobile application.

CardFunder App makes it easy to find, share, and donate gift cards to the causes you care about. Donations have become quick and easy with the help of this app. People can donate unused gift card balances from their mobile phones to organizations they think should be supported.

The app accepts gift cards with a minimum of 5 dollars balance. The amount at which the gift card can be redeemed depends upon the Merchant and the Marketplace.

The CardFunder website has helped many people. Now, with the launch of the app, a different kind of ease has arrived.

How to Use it?

The following steps will make it easy for you if you are interested in using this app.

  • First, go to the google play store and download the app.

You can also download it from other sources, such as the apple store.

  • Now, once you have downloaded the app, search for the fundraiser.
  • You can search for the fundraiser by adding the fundraiser’s code or name,  or by scanning the fundraiser’s QR Code.
  • After that, information about the fundraiser will pop up. You can read and learn further about the fundraiser.
  • If you like it, click on the ‘donate gift card’ button. Your donation process will start.
  • To donate the gift card, both the card’s front and back sides must be scanned.
  • After that, you must add the gift card details like Card Number, Merchant Number, Pin or Access Code, etc.
  • After adding all the details carefully, you can click on the ‘submit donation’ button.
  • Thus, you have successfully donated your gift card.

Note: If you need to rescan one of the gift card images, you can tap the edit pencil.

Wrap Up

With the tagline “Let’s Change That”, CardFunder has tried to change society’s outlook by being a tool that is approachable for organizations to accept gift cards, used or unused, as a form of donation.

For more queries, you can visit the website.

Download the CardFunder app today and be a supporter of the cause that you care about!

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