Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 11th September– 17th September 2022

Love and Relationships

Behave politely with your spouse. Getting aggressive may fatally affect your married life, so be careful. There is a chance of problems arising in your married life. Try to spend maximum time with your partner and try resolving the problems at the earliest. Singles are advised not to take any hasty decisions about proposing their love interest as there are chances of a negative response.


Don’t ignore even the slightest health issues if you want to maintain good health; suggest your stars. Health would be thriving this week. All you need to do is just utilise the courage to maintain good health. Continue your healthy diet and exercise regime. Take medical advice wherever required. The week is good to pursue alternative medical therapies.


The week is going to be exciting for those in the trading business. Deals that have been pending for a long time may get finalized, which may give a sharp rise in your cash inflows. Those working in a private organisation may see good growth in money. This week may prove to be a proper time for saving, and you might save keeping a long-term focus.


This week will bring good news for Aquarius sign people. You can get good money by investing in government schemes. People doing business will get good growth, due to which they will be able to pay off some of their loans easily. You will get full benefit of your contact. Employed people are seeing progress today. You will get relief from the problems going on in your career.You can plan a new investment, which will be beneficial for you, but you have to avoid sharing your personal things with anyone, otherwise they can take advantage of it. Small traders will be able to earn profit according to their mind.


There may be good progress in academics and studies for the Aquarians. Students taking higher education might be able to touch new highs. This is due to the blessings of Sun, Mercury, and Venus placed in the House of Higher Education. Those preparing for competitive exams are likely to succeed in the long term. Don’t be overconfident and stay grounded. Focus on your studies.

The Week’s Overview

Financially, Aquarius-bound individuals can expect more monetary gains this week. And therefore, you may find it easy to accomplish your money-saving goals. But, your stars indicate the urgency to keep a curb on your expenses. You should focus more on money savings than unnecessarily spending them. You must need to have the financial discipline to earn stability in income. This week, planetary movements may bring some unexpected challenges. So, it’s better to keep a watch on your parents’ health. Healthwise, you may need to be attentive by taking a proper food diet and regular exercise. The Sun moving into the 10th house may give you a much-needed boost and motivation to overcome professional life challenges. Therefore, you are to stay busy in your working space. Job seekers need to perform hard work to get desired working opportunities. The inflow of income may get better as a result of diving into lucrative job opportunities. The influences of the shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, may bring some confusion to your life. You may feel stuck and discontent overall, despite achieving desired results. Your mind may get overwhelmed by the disturbances from these shadow planets. Those who want to settle in foreign lands may get the opportunity to get things done. Overall, it will be a fair time for individuals who are born with the Aquarius sign.

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