6 Things You Should Not Do After a Car Accident


If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know that it can be an extremely frustrating experience. Things can go wrong instantly, and suddenly, you’re in trouble. What started as a minor issue could quickly become a much more severe situation leading to the dreaded car insurance claim. And it’s not just your vehicle that will be damaged; even you, your loved ones, and other innocent passengers might emerge victims in the process.

Here are six things you should not do after you’ve been in a car accident.

1. Refuse Medical Attention

If someone is hurt or injured, go to the nearest emergency room immediately – even if you believe the injuries are minor. It’s better to check things out just in case further complications arise later. And don’t worry about your insurance fees if something does happen. Your insurance coverage will automatically pick up these costs once an accident fault has been determined.

2. Not Informing Your Insurance Provider

Contacting your insurance provider is vital as it will help protect your interests. If you don’t do so, your insurer won’t know about the accident and will not have time to assign an adjuster to your case. Additionally, it might be hard for them to keep track of the claim if you aren’t keeping them updated about what’s happening.

3. Not Contacting Your Attorney

Another mistake many people make is not contacting their attorney to handle the accident. Your attorney is an expert in these types of cases and will be able to deal with any unexpected problems that may arise. If you don’t contact them, you might lose a great deal of money. Not informing your attorney about the accident is not only illegal but could result in you paying far more than what you should, costing you your future. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can get the compensation you deserve for your losses. But if you are the person at fault, you might want to consider hiring a car accident lawyer to protect your rights.

4. Not Taking Pictures

Take pictures of the damage to the vehicle, and ensure you get pictures of the accident scene, especially if there was a severe accident. These photos will be helpful in case you need to claim insurance coverage later on. Ensure you also have evidence of everything damaged or broken: your belongings, vehicle parts, etc.

5. Not Reporting the Accident

Reporting the accident is a good idea as it will allow the police to investigate the issue to see if anything suspicious happened. It also allows you to obtain copies of the police report and other relevant insurance documents. If you don’t report the accident, you might not have any rights or coverage in this situation.

6. Leave the Scene

Driving away from the scene of an accident is illegal and can lead to severe consequences. Not only could the authorities issue a ticket, but you might also even find yourself in jail if the accident was severe. Make sure you don’t leave the scene and wait for the authorities to arrive.


Car accidents can be highly complicated and challenging. But ignoring the other party or not fully understanding what to do next could worsen things. Whether you’re the one who needs compensation or if you’re the one responsible for an accident, make sure to consult with a professional who can help you get through this process.

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