3 underrated Caribbean Islands to retire in

sailboat sailing on water near island

The Caribbean is a treasure trove of unique, exotic island nations with plenty to offer retirees. It’s no secret that the tropical archipelago is home to some of the most picturesque views in the world, but it also boasts high standards of living, stable economic conditions and a range of investment opportunities to keep you busy well into your golden years.

If you’re looking to live out your retirement surrounded by dynamic and beautiful landscapes, you can’t go wrong with relocating to one of these unsung tropical paradises. Here are our top three underrated Caribbean destinations to retire in.

1. Dominica

With its golden shores and sprawling rainforests, the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” has much to offer the adventurers among you. If you’re looking to spend your retirement exploring, look no further than the many waterfalls, coral reefs and expansive national parks of Dominica.

Beyond its impressive landscapes, Dominica also has an affordable cost of living to be envied in light of the recent inflation crises that have plagued larger economies around the world. Community healthcare services are also free to citizens — and even if you come to the country as a visitor, it is very much possible to become one.

This is because Dominica offers a Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Programme whereby benefactors can pay a fee toward one of several funds in return for the rights to live and work on the island. As CS Global Partners explain, investors can contribute either through the purchase of local real estate or via the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF), which supports socio-economic initiatives across the region. Retirees looking to make proactive investments can relocate to Dominica to watch their citizenship fund new homes, schools and amenities for the future.

2. St. Kitts & Nevis

The twin-island nation of St. Kitts & Nevis offers similarly breathtaking scenes to Dominica, flaunting its hiking and sightseeing opportunities across sloping mountain ranges. The “Last Railway in the West Indies” takes railfans along the dramatic coast on an open-air deck, showing off secret bays, historical sugar estates and lush forest canopies. Elsewhere, the buzzing capital of Basseterre offers beaches, markets and extensive golf courses.

For the globetrotters looking to fill this new chapter of life with travel, St. Kitts & Nevis is a strategic (and beautiful) place to set up base. Despite being a small country, it is well-connected to the rest of the Caribbean by ferry, in close proximity to a host of unique islands. It even has its own airport receiving visitors from the US and beyond, offering direct flights from Miami that take just three hours.

With plenty of impressive sights and travel links to boot, the spot is fast becoming a popular retirement destination to explore the islands, make new memories and bask in the tropical sunshine.

3. Saint. Lucia

Saint. Lucia is more than just a renowned cruise ship calling destination. With a rich history to learn about and a wealth of delightful regional exports, the island has much to offer those looking to make it their new home.

The iconic Piton mountains are an obvious pull factor for the adventurous, comprising sky-scraping volcanic twin peaks that dominate the Saint. Lucia skyline. Having these landscapes on your doorstep is ideal if you’re looking to pick up hobbies to fill your newfound free time, with the area offering walking trails and sailing, as well as photography and bird watching opportunities.

Saint. Lucia also offers a CBI scheme, the funds of which go towards socio-economic initiatives to develop the island and protect against climate change. The program also provides a citizenship legacy to investors, so that they can pass their citizenship on to the next generation. This may be valuable for retirees looking to help their families to establish businesses internationally and diversify their career ventures, with the rights to work on the island and access tax relief.

Wherever you choose to retire, islands across the Caribbean promise sun and scenery for your senior years. Think hard, choose wisely, and then relax — you’ve earned it.

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